Ficus Plural, What is the plural of Ficus?

Meaning: a tree, shrub, or climber of a large genus that includes the figs and the rubber plants.

Singular and Plural of Ficus

Singular Plural
Ficus Ficuses

Ficus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The indoor plant was a beautiful ficus
  2. The leaves of the ficus glistened in the sunlight.
  3. The gardener pruned the branches of the tall ficus.
  4. The office had a corner filled with lush ficus
  5. The homeowner cared for the potted ficus in the living room.
  6. The botanist studied the species of the ancient ficus.
  7. The landscaper recommended a ficus for its low maintenance.
  8. The artist sketched the intricate patterns on the ficus
  9. The air purifying qualities of the ficus made it popular indoors.
  10. The nursery offered a variety of healthy ficus

Ficus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The garden showcased a collection of mature ficus
  2. The park had rows of towering ficus lining the walkway.
  3. The conservatory housed various species of exotic ficus.
  4. The landscape design incorporated multiple ficus for shade and aesthetics.
  5. The botanical garden featured an entire section dedicated to different ficus.
  6. The horticulturist studied the growth patterns of diverse ficus.
  7. The plant nursery stocked young ficus plants for sale.
  8. The greenhouse cultivated healthy ficus for commercial distribution.
  9. The arborist trimmed the branches of the mature ficus.
  10. The gardeners carefully pruned the intertwined roots of the ficus.

Singular Possessive of Ficus

The singular possessive form of “Ficus” is “Ficus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ficus:

  1. The shade under the tree was Ficus’s refuge.
  2. I appreciate the beauty of Ficus’s leaves.
  3. The gardener took pride in Ficus’s growth.
  4. Ficus’s resilience in harsh conditions impressed me.
  5. The sculpture depicted the elegance of Ficus’s branches.
  6. The painting captured the serenity of Ficus’s environment.
  7. I could feel a sense of peace near Ficus’s presence.
  8. The park’s tranquility was enhanced by Ficus’s presence.
  9. Ficus’s roots spread deep into the ground.
  10. The bonsai showcased the delicate nature of Ficus’s form.

Plural Possessive of Ficus

The plural possessive form of “Ficus” is “Fici’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ficus:

  1. The garden displayed various species’ fici’s.
  2. The greenhouse nurtured exotic fici’s from around the world.
  3. The researchers studied different fici’s for their ecological importance.
  4. Fici’s resilience makes them suitable for indoor environments.
  5. The park showcased rare and endangered fici’s.
  6. The botanist specialized in identifying different fici’s.
  7. The exhibit educated visitors on the diversity of fici’s.
  8. We should protect the habitats of native fici’s.
  9. The guide explained the significance of the ancient fici’s.
  10. The forest is home to a variety of fici’s species.

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