Placenta Plural, What is the Plural of Placenta?

Meaning: a flattened circular organ

Singular and Plural of Placenta

Singular Plural
placenta placentas/placentae

Placenta as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor carefully examined the mother’s placenta after delivery.
  2. She chose to encapsulate her placenta for postpartum consumption.
  3. The nurse explained the role of the placenta in providing nutrients to the fetus.
  4. They preserved the placenta for research purposes.
  5. The midwife monitored the health of the placenta throughout the pregnancy.
  6. The obstetrician discussed the process of placental detachment after birth.
  7. The ultrasound showed the position of the placenta in the womb.
  8. The expectant mother felt a strong connection to her growing placenta.
  9. The doctor performed a biopsy on the abnormal placenta.
  10. The couple decided to donate their healthy placenta for medical research.

Placenta as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The researchers studied multiple placentae to analyze their structure.
  2. They examined the different types of animal placentae in the biology lab.
  3. The scientists discovered a unique feature in the evolution of certain placentae.
  4. They collected data from various mammalian species to compare their placentae.
  5. The museum displayed preserved placentae in jars for educational purposes.
  6. The veterinary clinic provided services for the health of pregnant animals and their placentae.
  7. The textbook explained the development and functions of different types of placentae.
  8. The scientists conducted experiments on isolated placentae to study their functions.
  9. The researchers published a groundbreaking study on the cellular composition of placentae.
  10. The documentary explored the vital role of placentae in sustaining fetal life.

Singular Possessive of Placenta

The singular possessive form of “Placenta” is “Placenta’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Placenta:

  1. The placenta’s function is vital for fetal development.
  2. The doctor explained the importance of monitoring the placenta’s health.
  3. The nurse carefully handled the placenta’s disposal after childbirth.
  4. The mother’s diet affects the quality of the placenta’s nutrients.
  5. The placenta’s role in nutrient and oxygen transfer is well-documented.
  6. The ultrasound revealed the position of the placenta’s attachment.
  7. The midwife examined the placenta’s size and appearance.
  8. The placenta’s blood supply is connected to the umbilical cord.
  9. The doctor discussed the possibility of placenta’s abnormalities.
  10. The mother expressed gratitude for her placenta’s role in nurturing her baby.

Plural Possessive of Placenta

The plural possessive form of “Placenta” is “Placentas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Placenta:

  1. The researchers studied the development of all the placentas’ functions.
  2. The veterinarians examined the health of the animals’ placentas’.
  3. The scientists analyzed the hormones produced by all the placentas’.
  4. The doctors discussed the significance of monitoring all the placentas’ positions.
  5. The researchers collected data on all the placentas’ sizes and weights.
  6. The lab technicians examined all the placentas’ microscopic structures.
  7. The study focused on the effects of maternal health on all the placentas’.
  8. The nurses carefully handled all the placentas’ extraction during deliveries.
  9. The pathologists examined all the placentas’ histological features.
  10. The researchers discovered variations in all the placentas’ nutrient transport mechanisms.

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