50 Collocations With Carry, Carry Collocations List

When speaking English, using collocations can help to make your writing and speech sound more natural and fluent. This article will provide an overview of 50 of the most commonly used collocations with the verb ‘carry’. It is important to know these collocations in order to ensure that you are using language accurately and effectively.

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Collocations With Carry

  • Carry a bag
  • Carry a load
  • Carry a message
  • Carry a tune
  • Carry a torch
  • Carry a grudge
  • Carry a backpack
  • Carry a gun
  • Carry a knife
  • Carry a passport
  • Carry a purse
  • Carry a wallet
  • Carry a handbag
  • Carry a water bottle
  • Carry a lunchbox
  • Carry a first aid kit
  • Carry a camera
  • Carry a laptop
  • Carry a tablet
  • Carry a phone
  • Carry a baby
  • Carry a child
  • Carry a pet
  • Carry a burden
  • Carry a responsibility
  • Carry a reputation
  • Carry a stigma
  • Carry a risk
  • Carry a hazard
  • Carry a warning
  • Carry a label
  • Carry a tag
  • Carry a price
  • Carry a discount
  • Carry a charge
  • Carry a debt
  • Carry a balance
  • Carry a loan
  • Carry a mortgage
  • Carry a stock
  • Carry a bond
  • Carry a portfolio
  • Carry a project
  • Carry a mission
  • Carry a vision
  • Carry a goal
  • Carry a dream
  • Carry a hope
  • Carry a plan
  • Carry a strategy

collocations with carry

Collocations With Carry in Example Sentences

  • Carry a conversation
    • He can carry a conversation effortlessly.
  • Carry heavy loads
    • Trucks carry heavy loads over long distances.
  • Carry significant weight
    • Her opinion always carries significant weight.
  • Carry out research
    • Scientists carry out research in labs.
  • Carry the burden
    • She often carries the burden alone.
  • Carry legal implications
    • Actions carry legal implications for everyone.
  • Carry emotional baggage
    • Many carry emotional baggage silently.
  • Carry a penalty
    • Mistakes can carry a penalty here.
  • Carry the team
    • He often carries the team to victory.
  • Carry inherent risks
    • Adventures carry inherent risks with them.
  • Carry a tune
    • She can really carry a tune well.
  • Carry great responsibility
    • Leaders carry great responsibility on their shoulders.
  • Carry the message
    • Posters carry the message effectively across.
  • Carry mutual respect
    • Teammates should carry mutual respect for success.
  • Carry a risk
    • Investments always carry a risk with them.
  • Carry forward losses
    • Businesses can carry forward losses for relief.
  • Carry a threat
    • Unchecked bags might carry a threat onboard.
  • Carry visual appeal
    • Advertisements should carry visual appeal for impact.
  • Carry personal significance
    • This locket carries personal significance for her.
  • Carry the blame
    • No one wants to carry the blame here.


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