40 Common Collocation Words [Most Important]

What are collocations? They are words that go together! In English, we often use certain words together because they sound better than others. For example, ” make a mistake” or ” take a risk.” These groupings of words are called collocations.  ESL students can benefit from learning about and studying common English collocations in order to improve their fluency and communication skills. Here is a list of some common collocations with examples to get you started!

40 Common Collocation Words

  1. Get drunk
  2. Say nothing
  3. Take a shower
  4. Play music
  5. Break the rules
  6. Take a picture
  7. Break the ice
  8. Have a conversation
  9. Get worried
  10. Grow vegetables
  11. Tell somebody the way
  12. Save energy
  13. Fall in love
  14. Take advice
  15. Carry cargo
  16. Tell a secret
  17. Get married
  18. Make a sound
  19. Catch the news
  20. Give evidence
  21. Pass the time
  22. Make breakfast
  23. Ask somebody out
  24. Say no more
  25. Lose a game
  26. Do anything
  27. Give a description
  28. Have a hard time
  29. Get a call
  30. Save money
  31. First love
  32. Play over
  33. Keep someone’s place
  34. Do the shopping
  35. Go a drink
  36. Do business
  37. Grow hair
  38. Pay well
  39. Come in last
  40. Come right back

40 common collocations

Example Sentences on Different Collocations

  1. I often get drunk at parties.
  2. He decided to say nothing about the issue.
  3. I need to take a shower before going to bed.
  4. I like to play music while I work.
  5. He chose to break the rules and go out after curfew.
  6. I want to take a picture of the sunset.
  7. It can be hard to break the ice at networking events.
  8. We should have a conversation about our future plans.
  9. I always get worried before an exam.
  10. I want to grow vegetables in my backyard.
  11. Can you tell me the way to the nearest gas station?
  12. It’s important to save energy to help the environment.
  13. She fell in love with him at first sight.
  14. I should take your advice on this matter.
  15. The truck is designed to carry heavy cargo.
  16. Please don’t tell anyone my secret.
  17. We’re planning to get married in the fall.
  18. I didn’t hear you make a sound.
  19. Did you catch the news this morning?
  20. The witness gave evidence in court.
  21. I like to read to pass the time.
  22. I usually make breakfast for my family on weekends.
  23. He finally asked her out on a date.
  24. After his long speech, he ended with “Say no more.”
  25. We lost the game, but we played well.
  26. You can do anything you set your mind to.
  27. Can you give a description of the suspect?
  28. I had a hard time adjusting to my new job.
  29. I just got a call from my boss.
  30. We need to save money for our trip next month.
  31. I still remember my first love.
  32. She played the song over and over again.
  33. Please keep my place in line while I run to the restroom.
  34. I have to do the shopping for tonight’s dinner.
  35. Do you want to go for a drink after work?
  36. He’s been doing business in China for years.
  37. I’m trying to grow my hair out for the summer.
  38. This job pays well, but it’s very demanding.
  39. Unfortunately, I came in last place in the race.
  40. I’ll come right back after I grab my coat.

Common Collocations


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