50 Collocations With Break, Break Collocations List

Collocations are an important part of the English language and understanding how to use them correctly can help you sound more fluent. Knowing the right words to put together is a key component of mastering the language. In this article, we will look at 50 collocations with the word break, which can be used in everyday conversation or when writing formal texts. We will explain what each collocation means and provide examples of how they are used in context.

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Collocations With Break

  1. Break the news
  2. Break a leg
  3. Break the cycle
  4. Break a record
  5. Break the ice
  6. Break a sweat
  7. Break the silence
  8. Break the rules
  9. Break new ground
  10. Break the habit
  11. Break a promise
  12. Break the bank
  13. Break someone’s heart
  14. Break the code
  15. Break the chain
  16. Break a tie
  17. Break a curse
  18. Break the mold
  19. Break ground
  20. Break the deadlock
  21. Break the spell
  22. Break a streak
  23. Break the law
  24. Break a barrier
  25. Break a code
  26. Break a fast
  27. Break eye contact
  28. Break a lease
  29. Break a seal
  30. Break wind

Collocations With Break in Example Sentences

  • Break the news
    • She had to break the news gently.
  • Break a record
    • He aimed to break a record tomorrow.
  • Break a habit
    • To break a habit, perseverance is key.
  • Break the silence
    • Soft music can break the silence beautifully.
  • Break a promise
    • Friends should never break a promise lightly.
  • Break the ice
    • A joke can often break the ice.
  • Break the law
    • Never should one break the law intentionally.
  • Break a leg
    • “Break a leg!” she whispered backstage.
  • Break the cycle
    • It’s crucial to break the cycle early.
  • Break ground
    • They’ll break ground on the project soon.
  • Break a sweat
    • He didn’t break a sweat during yoga.
  • Break the bank
    • This purchase won’t break the bank, fortunately.
  • Break the rules
    • Sometimes, innovators must break the rules.
  • Break the mold
    • Her design will certainly break the mold.
  • Break one’s heart
    • That story could break anyone’s heart.
  • Break a code
    • She managed to break the code easily.
  • Break new ground
    • Their research will break new ground.
  • Break a lease
    • They had to break a lease early.
  • Break the pattern
    • It’s time to break the pattern now.
  • Break someone’s fall
    • Luckily, the bushes broke his fall.


Collocations With Break