50 Collocations With Love, Love Collocations List

Love is a powerful emotion, and the way it’s expressed can vary from culture to culture. One of the most common ways to express love in the English language is through collocations. Collocations are when two or more words often go together. In this article, we will provide you with 50 of the most common collocations that use the word “love”. We will also discuss why these pairings are important and how they can be used in everyday conversations.

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Collocations With Love Copy

Love Collocations List:

  • Love someone
  • Love something
  • Love deeply
  • Love unconditionally
  • Love passionately
  • Love tenderly
  • Love fiercely
  • Love romantically
  • Love intimately
  • Love truly
  • Love genuinely
  • Love sincerely
  • Love wholeheartedly
  • Love unreservedly
  • Love devotedly
  • Love adoringly
  • Love affectionately
  • Love fondly
  • Love endearingly
  • Love sweetly
  • Love dearly
  • Love crazily
  • Love wildly
  • Love madly
  • Love obsessively
  • Love possessively
  • Love jealousy
  • Love selflessly
  • Love sacrificially
  • Love altruistically
  • Love compassionately
  • Love empathetically
  • Love supportively
  • Love encouragingly
  • Love forgivingly
  • Love understandingly
  • Love acceptingly
  • Love approvingly
  • Love respectfully
  • Love trustingly
  • Love faithfully
  • Love loyally
  • Love committedly
  • Love monogamously
  • Love honestly
  • Love openly
  • Love inclusively
  • Love non-judgmentally
  • Love non-discriminatively

collocations with love

Collocations With Love in Example Sentences

  • I love someone who lives far away.
  • I love something about the beach.
  • She loves deeply and it shows in her relationships.
  • He loves unconditionally regardless of any faults.
  • They love passionately and can’t keep their hands off each other.
  • The couple loves tenderly and cherishes every moment together.
  • The lioness loves fiercely and will do anything to protect her cubs.
  • He loves romantically and enjoys sweeping his partner off their feet.
  • They love intimately and are not afraid to show their vulnerability.
  • She loves truly and values honesty above all else.
  • He loves genuinely and never pretends to be someone he’s not.
  • They love sincerely and always mean what they say.
  • She loves wholeheartedly and gives everything in a relationship.
  • He loves unreservedly and never holds back his feelings.
  • She loves devotedly and will always be there for her partner.
  • He loves adoringly and can’t help but gaze at his partner with affection.
  • They love affectionately and are always hugging and holding hands.
  • She loves them fondly and enjoys reminiscing about their past together.
  • He loves endearingly and has a nickname for his partner.
  • She loves sweetly and leaves little notes for her partner to find.
  • He loves her dearly and would do anything for his partner.
  • She loves craziness and enjoys spontaneous adventures.
  • He loves wildly and can’t control his emotions.
  • She loves madly and is completely infatuated with her partner.
  • He loves obsessively and can’t stop thinking about his partner.
  • She loves possessively and doesn’t like when her partner talks to other people.
  • He loves jealousy and gets upset when his partner talks to other people.
  • She loves selflessly and always puts her partner’s needs first.
  • He loves sacrificially and would give up anything for his partner.
  • She loves altruistically and always thinks of others before herself.
  • He loves compassionately and is always there for his partner when they need him.
  • She loves empathy and tries to understand her partner’s feelings.
  • He loves supportively and encourages his partner to pursue their dreams.
  • She loves encouragingly and always has a positive attitude.
  • He loves forgiving and is quick to forgive his partner’s mistakes.
  • She loves understanding and trying to see things from her partner’s perspective.
  • He loves acceptingly and doesn’t judge his partner for their flaws.
  • She loves approvingly and is always proud of her partner’s accomplishments.
  • He loves respectfully and always treats his partner with respect.
  • She loves trustingly and has complete faith in her partner.
  • He loves faithfully and always stays committed to his partner.
  • She loves loyally and would never cheat on her partner.
  • He loves committedly and is in it for the long haul.
  • She loves monogamously and only has eyes for her partner.
  • He loves honesty and always tells his partner the truth.
  • She loves openly and isn’t afraid to express her feelings.
  • He loves inclusively and doesn’t discriminate against anyone.
  • She loves non-judgmentally and accepts people for who they are.
  • He loves non-discriminatively and treats everyone equally.


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