List of Adverb Adjective Collocations with Examples PDF

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List of Adverb Adjective Collocations PDF! Collocations are the combination of two words, it can be the combination of an adverb and adverb, verb+verb, verb+adverb, and adjective+adverb, etc. Collocations are very important in case they empower our English speaking. Here is a big list of collocations with ESL Infographics and PDFs.

What is an Adjective?

An adjective is a word that describes or modifies a noun or pronoun by providing information about its size, shape, color, quantity, quality, or other attributes. Adjectives help to make our language more descriptive and expressive, allowing us to convey more nuanced meanings and imagery.

For example, in the sentence “The red car is fast,” the word “red” is an adjective that describes the color of the car, while “fast” is an adjective that describes the car’s speed. Adjectives can be used in a variety of ways, such as in comparative and superlative forms to show degrees of comparison, or in attributive or predicative positions in a sentence.

What is an Adverb?

An adverb, on the other hand, is a word that modifies or describes a verb, adjective, or another adverb. Adverbs provide additional information about how, when, where, or to what extent an action or quality is performed.

For instance, in the sentence “He sings beautifully,” the word “beautifully” is an adverb, modifying the verb “sings” by indicating how he sings. Adverbs can also modify adjectives, as in “The dress is incredibly beautiful,” where “incredibly” modifies the adjective “beautiful” by intensifying its meaning.

List of Adverb-Adjective Collocations

Here is the list of collocations of adverb+adjective:

  • Absolutely wrong
  • Absolutely stupid
  • Absolutely ridiculous
  • Absolutely necessary
  • Absolutely miserable
  • Absolutely impossible
  • Absolutely furious
  • Absolutely fantastic
  • Absolutely devastated
  • Absolutely convinced
  • Absolutely beautiful
  • Absolutely appalled
  • Absolutely amazed
  • Absolutely alone
  • Strongly opposed
  • Scared stiff
  • Ruggedly handsome
  • Ridiculously small
  • Ridiculously long
  • Ridiculously easy
  • Ridiculously early
  • Ridiculously cheap
  • Reasonably well
  • Reasonably priced
  • Reasonably happy
  • Readily available
  • Quite sure
  • Quite good
  • Quietly confident
  • Pretty good
  • Perfectly normal
  • Painfully thin
  • Painfully shy
  • Highly unusual
  • Highly unlikely
  • Highly successful
  • Highly recommended
  • Highly profitable
  • Highly probable
  • Highly effective
  • Highly controversial
  • Happily married
  • Fully aware
  • Fiercely competitive
  • Drop-dead gorgeous
  • Deeply worried
  • Deeply unhappy
  • Deeply shocked
  • Deeply religious
  • Deeply regrettable
  • Deeply offended
  • Deeply moved
  • Deeply hurt
  • Deeply divided
  • Deeply concerned
  • Deeply competitive
  • Deeply committed
  • Deeply care
  • Deeply ashamed
  • Deeply affected
  • Dead tired
  • Completely strong
  • Completely fantastic
  • Completely different
  • Completely amazed
  • Blissfully unaware
  • Blissfully ignorant
  • Bitterly resent
  • Bitterly regret
  • Bitterly disappointed
  • Bitterly criticize
  • Bitterly complain
  • Bitterly cold
  • Badly hurt
  • Actively involved

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list of adverb adjective collocation

Examples of Adverb-Adjective Collocations

– Deeply affected

The audience was deeply affected.

– Bitterly disappointed

Canada finished the tournament with a 4-2 record but was bitterly disappointed.

– Bitterly criticize

He likes to bitterly criticize the government.

– Bitterly complain

Relatives of the passengers complained bitterly yesterday.

– Bitterly cold

It was bitterly cold and it was raining.

– Absolutely ridiculous

The associational ban against Ron Carey is absolutely ridiculous.

– Absolutely necessary

They would only talk to me if it was absolutely necessary.

– Absolutely miserable

Mike Lam has been made absolutely miserable for three years.

– Absolutely impossible

Nowadays it is absolutely impossible to make a good friend.

– Absolutely furious

Angry is not the word for it-I was absolutely furious.

– Absolutely fantastic

The weather was absolutely fantastic.

– Absolutely devastated

My daughter was absolutely devastated when he died.

– Absolutely convinced

I am absolutely convinced of this.

– Absolutely beautiful

It had been an absolutely beautiful day

– Absolutely appalled

I’m absolutely appalled.

– Absolutely amazed

I am absolutely amazed at her energy.

– Absolutely alone

He is eerily and absolutely alone.

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adverb adjective collocation examples

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