Chris Plural, What is the plural of Chris?

Meaning: Chris (short form), Christoph, Christy, Kit.

Plural of CHRIS


Synonyms of CHRIS

  • Christ
  • chairs
  • cherish
  • chrism
  • chis
  • chores
  • cherries

Chris as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Chris is my best friend since childhood.
  2. The teacher called on Chris to answer the question.
  3. Chris won the award for outstanding performance.
  4. Can you pass the message to Chris?
  5. Chris is a talented musician and songwriter.
  6. I had a great conversation with Chris yesterday.
  7. Chris greeted everyone with a warm smile.
  8. The boss praised Chris for completing the project ahead of schedule.
  9. Chris always comes up with innovative ideas.
  10. I’m meeting Chris for lunch later today.

Chris as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The group of Chrises gathered for a photo.
  2. The Chrises formed a band and started performing.
  3. Can you invite the Chrises to the party?
  4. The Chrises organized a charity event.
  5. The Chrises shared their experiences at the conference.
  6. The room was filled with laughter as the Chrises told jokes.
  7. The Chrises collaborated on a research project.
  8. The Chrises brought their expertise to the table.
  9. The Chrises exchanged business cards at the networking event.
  10. I greeted the group of Chrises at the door.

Singular Possessive of Chris

The singular possessive form of “Chris” is “Chris’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Chris:

  1. Chris’s car was parked in the driveway.
  2. I borrowed Chris’s book and returned it.
  3. The teacher complimented Chris’s presentation skills.
  4. Chris’s dog is playful and friendly.
  5. We celebrated Chris’s birthday with a surprise party.
  6. Chris’s dedication to work is commendable.
  7. Chris’s laughter filled the room.
  8. The photo captured Chris’s happy smile.
  9. Chris’s achievements are inspiring.
  10. The note had Chris’s name on it.

Plural Possessive of Chris

The plural possessive form of “Chris” is “Chrises'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Chris:

  1. The event honored the contributions of the outstanding Chrises’.
  2. The gallery showcased the artworks of the talented Chrises’.
  3. Chrises’ styles and techniques vary greatly.
  4. The book features interviews with famous Chrises’.
  5. The company recognized the accomplishments of the dedicated Chrises’.
  6. The film starred multiple Chrises’ in lead roles.
  7. The band consisted of the three talented Chrises’.
  8. The organization invited the renowned Chrises’ as guest speakers.
  9. The award ceremony applauded the creativity of the innovative Chrises’.
  10. The museum displayed the masterpieces of the renowned Chrises’.

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