Thomas Plural, What is the Plural of Thomas?

Meaning: poet, saint, socialist

Singular and Plural of Thomas

Singular Plural
thomas Thomases

Thomas as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Thomas is a skilled pianist and composer.
  2. The conductor praised Thomas‘s performance during the concert.
  3. Thomas wrote a beautiful poem for his loved one.
  4. The author’s latest book features Thomas as the main character.
  5. The teacher commended Thomas for his dedication and hard work.
  6. Thomas completed the marathon in record time.
  7. The audience gave a standing ovation to Thomas‘s recital.
  8. Thomas‘s artwork was displayed in the gallery.
  9. The coach appointed Thomas as the team captain.
  10. The audience eagerly anticipated Thomas‘s upcoming album release.

Thomas as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The band consists of four talented Thomases.
  2. The conference hosted renowned Thomases as keynote speakers.
  3. The music festival featured performances by various Thomases.
  4. The audience cheered for the energetic performance of the Thomases.
  5. The competition brought together the best Thomases in the field.
  6. The Thomases collaborated on a groundbreaking research project.
  7. The documentary showcased the life and work of famous Thomases.
  8. The event honored the contributions of exceptional Thomases.
  9. The book club discussed the literary works of renowned Thomases.

Singular Possessive of Thomas

The singular possessive form of “Thomas” is “Thomas’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Thomas:

  1. The Thomas’s car is parked outside.
  2. I borrowed Thomas’s pen for the exam.
  3. Have you seen Thomas’s new house?
  4. Thomas’s dog is very playful.
  5. We attended Thomas’s wedding ceremony.
  6. The book on the shelf is Thomas’s.
  7. I’m going to Thomas’s party tonight.
  8. Thomas’s favorite color is blue.
  9. The painting belongs to Thomas’s family.
  10. Can you pass me Thomas’s phone charger?

Plural Possessive of Thomas

The plural possessive form of “Thomas” is “Thomases'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Thomas:

  1. The Thomases’ car broke down on the highway.
  2. I visited the Thomases’ summer cottage.
  3. The neighbors complained about the Thomases’ loud music.
  4. We attended the Thomases’ anniversary celebration.
  5. The garden is filled with the Thomases’ beautiful flowers.
  6. Thomases’ children are very well-behaved.
  7. The artwork displayed in the gallery is the Thomases’.
  8. The party at the Thomases’ house was a success.
  9. Thomases’ vacation photos are amazing.
  10. We received an invitation to the Thomases’ barbecue party.

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