Vinyl Plural, What is the Plural of Vinyl?

Meaning: a synthetic resin or plastic

Plural of Vinyl

Singular Plural
vinyl vinyl

Vinyl as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I bought a vinyl record from the store.
  2. The DJ played a classic vinyl at the party.
  3. She collects vintage vinyl albums as a hobby.
  4. I love the warm sound of a vinyl
  5. He carefully placed the vinyl on the turntable.
  6. The album cover was designed specifically for the vinyl
  7. My father still has his old vinyl
  8. The vinyl crackled as the needle touched the record.
  9. I enjoy the tactile experience of handling a vinyl.
  10. The music industry has seen a resurgence in vinyl

Vinyl as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He has a collection of vinyls from various artists.
  2. The record store has a wide selection of vinyls.
  3. She owns thousands of rare vinyls.
  4. We organized the vinyls alphabetically on the shelves.
  5. He gifted me a set of limited edition vinyls.
  6. The DJ carried a crate full of vinyls to the club.
  7. I need to clean my dusty vinyls before playing them.
  8. The auction featured a lot of valuable antique vinyls.
  9. I’m always on the lookout for rare vinyls at flea markets.
  10. The shop specializes in selling used vinyls.

Singular Possessive of Vinyl:

  1. The collector’s vinyl’s condition was impeccable.
  2. The DJ played the rare vinyl’s B-side track.
  3. The record store sold the limited edition vinyl’s quickly.
  4. The musician autographed the vinyl’s album cover.
  5. The album’s vinyl’s sound quality impressed audiophiles.
  6. The sound engineer appreciated the vinyl’s warm tones.
  7. The cover art enhanced the vinyl’s visual appeal.
  8. The fan carefully stored their favorite vinyl’s sleeve.
  9. The music lover cleaned the vinyl’s grooves meticulously.
  10. The artist released their latest work on vinyl’s format.

Plural Possessive of Vinyl:

  1. The collectors’ vinyls’ value increased over time.
  2. The DJs played the rare vinyls’ hidden gems.
  3. The record stores sold the collectors’ vinyls’ at premium prices.
  4. The musicians autographed the fans’ vinyls’ covers.
  5. The albums’ vinyls’ pressing quality satisfied enthusiasts.
  6. The sound engineers appreciated the audiophiles’ vinyls’ preferences.
  7. The cover artists designed the bands’ vinyls’ artwork.
  8. The fans proudly displayed their favorite artists’ vinyls’ collection.
  9. The music lovers cleaned their prized vinyls’ records diligently.
  10. The artists released exclusive editions of their albums’ vinyls’.

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