Dad Plural, What is the Plural of Dad?

Meaning: one’s father.

Plural of DAD

Singular Plural
Dad Dads


  • old man
  • papa
  • pa
  • pop
  • pappy
  • parent
  • daddy

Dad as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. My dad always supports me in my endeavors.
  2. He’s an amazing and loving dad to his kids.
  3. The bond between a child and their dad is special.
  4. She shared a heartfelt moment with her dad.
  5. He’s a proud and devoted dad to his children.
  6. The dad taught his son how to ride a bicycle.
  7. They had a father-son day out with their dad.
  8. Her dad gave her valuable advice before her interview.
  9. The children surprised their dad with a homemade gift.
  10. The family enjoyed a picnic with their beloved dad.

Dad as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The dads gathered for a barbeque in the park.
  2. They organized a support group for new dads.
  3. The event celebrated the important role of dads.
  4. The dads played a game of soccer with their kids.
  5. The dads shared parenting tips and experiences.
  6. They formed a club for stay-at-home dads.
  7. The school hosted a special breakfast for dads.
  8. The dads attended a parenting workshop together.
  9. They formed a tight-knit community of involved dads.
  10. The dads volunteered to coach their children’s sports teams.

Singular Possessive of Dad

The singular possessive form of “Dad” is “Dad’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Dad:

  1. My Dad’s car is parked outside.
  2. The book belongs to Dad’s library.
  3. Dad’s favorite hobby is fishing.
  4. We celebrated Dad’s birthday yesterday.
  5. Dad’s office is on the 10th floor.
  6. I borrowed Dad’s pen for the test.
  7. Dad’s advice is always helpful.
  8. The keys to the house are Dad’s.
  9. Dad’s cooking skills are impressive.
  10. I inherited Dad’s old watch.

Plural Possessive of Dad

The plural possessive form of “Dad” is “Dads'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Dad:

  1. The two Dads’ cars are parked together.
  2. We visited our Dads’ hometowns.
  3. The house belongs to the Dads’ families.
  4. Dads’ advice should be considered.
  5. We celebrated the Dads’ achievements.
  6. The meeting was attended by the Dads’ group.
  7. The keys to both houses are the Dads’.
  8. We received gifts from the Dads’ friends.
  9. The party was hosted at the Dads’ place.
  10. I borrowed a book from the Dads’ library.

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