Sir Plural, What is the Plural of Sir?

Meaning: used as a polite or respectful way

Plural of Sir


Synonyms of Sir

  • title
  • monsieur
  • mister
  • master
  • lord
  • knight
  • king

Sir as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Excuse me, sir, do you have the time?
  2. The sir commanded his troops with authority.
  3. The sir was knighted for his bravery.
  4. May I take your order, sir?
  5. He addressed the judge as sir during the trial.
  6. The sir was known for his impeccable manners.
  7. The waiter approached the table and said, “Good evening, sir.”
  8. I opened the door for the elderly sir.
  9. The sir graciously accepted the award.
  10. The sir requested a table by the window.

Sir as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The group of sirs gathered for a meeting.
  2. The sirs stood in line, waiting for their turn.
  3. The sirs attended the conference to discuss new ideas.
  4. Excuse me, sirs, can you help me with directions?
  5. The panel of sirs reviewed the proposals.
  6. The sirs raised their hands to ask questions.
  7. The sirs were distinguished scholars in their field.
  8. The sirs exchanged pleasantries at the networking event.
  9. The sirs were introduced as esteemed guests.
  10. I greeted the group of sirs as they entered the room.

Singular Possessive of Sir

The singular possessive form of “Sir” is “Sir’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Sir:

  1. Sir’s hat was neatly placed on the stand.
  2. I admire Sir’s courage and leadership.
  3. The waiter took Sir’s order promptly.
  4. The chauffeur opened Sir’s car door.
  5. Sir’s presence commanded respect and attention.
  6. The butler attended to Sir’s needs.
  7. The invitation was addressed to Sir’s full name.
  8. Sir’s reputation preceded him.
  9. The ceremony honored Sir’s accomplishments.
  10. Sir’s portrait hung in the gallery.

Plural Possessive of Sir

The plural possessive form of “Sir” is “Sirs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Sir:

  1. The conference welcomed distinguished Sirs’.
  2. Sirs’ opinions carry great weight.
  3. The academy honored the renowned Sirs’.
  4. The knights served their Sirs’ faithfully.
  5. Sirs’ attire displayed elegance and prestige.
  6. The reception acknowledged the presence of notable Sirs’.
  7. The restaurant reserved a table for the Sirs’ party.
  8. The secretary scheduled meetings for the busy Sirs’.
  9. The committee listened to the concerns of the respected Sirs’.
  10. The organization recognized the contributions of the esteemed Sirs’.

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