New Plural, What is the Plural of New?

Meaning: a fresh thing

Singular and Plural of New

Singular Plural
new new

New as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The announcement brought exciting news to the community.
  2. The journalist reported the breaking news from the scene.
  3. The politician delivered an inspiring news about upcoming reforms.
  4. The newspaper headline revealed shocking news about the scandal.
  5. The radio host shared the latest news with his listeners.
  6. The reporter conducted interviews to gather firsthand news.
  7. The television anchor presented the evening news to millions of viewers.
  8. The blog provided a platform for citizen journalism and alternative news.
  9. The newsroom was a bustling hub of journalists gathering information.
  10. The newsletter delivered important news directly to subscribers’ inboxes.

New as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The neighbors welcomed the newcomers with open arms.
  2. The museum showcased historical artifacts alongside contemporary news.
  3. The library had a vast collection of old news and magazines.
  4. The archives preserved important news from the past.
  5. The website featured curated articles from various news sources.
  6. The journalists investigated the news surrounding the corruption scandal.
  7. The documentary highlighted the impact of fake news on society.
  8. The newspaper printed both local and international news.
  9. The editor-in-chief oversaw the quality of the news articles.
  10. The radio station provided 24/7 coverage of breaking news.

Singular Possessive of New 

The singular possessive form of “New” is “New’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of New:

  1. New’s color caught everyone’s attention.
  2. We admired New’s unique design.
  3. New’s arrival brought excitement to the town.
  4. The success of the project was New’s achievement.
  5. People were curious about New’s features.
  6. New’s popularity grew rapidly.
  7. Everyone was talking about New’s latest release.
  8. New’s impact on the industry was significant.
  9. The responsibility fell on New’s shoulders.
  10. We were impressed by New’s performance.

Plural Possessive of New 

The plural possessive form of “New” is “News'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of New:

  1. The journalists’ dedication brought forth News’ accuracy.
  2. We eagerly awaited News’ updates.
  3. News’ influence on public opinion was evident.
  4. The reporters’ coverage showcased News’ breadth.
  5. People relied on News’ credibility.
  6. We valued News’ impartiality.
  7. The newspapers’ headlines highlighted News’ importance.
  8. News’ impact on society was profound.
  9. The articles’ content reflected News’ diversity.
  10. Journalists’ responsibility was to deliver News’ truth.

Nexus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The smartphone became the nexus of modern communication.
  2. The meeting served as a central nexus for collaboration.
  3. The internet has become a key nexus for information.
  4. The company’s headquarters acted as a central nexus.
  5. The project manager ensured effective nexus of communication.
  6. The conference became a vital nexus for networking.
  7. The database served as the primary nexus for information storage.
  8. The intersection became a busy traffic nexus.
  9. The cultural event acted as a focal nexus for artists.
  10. The research paper explored the nexus between art and politics.

Nexus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The smartphones became interconnected nexus of communication.
  2. The meetings served as important nexus for collaboration.
  3. The internet connections provided multiple nexus for information.
  4. The company’s branches acted as central nexus for decision-making.
  5. The projects had various nexus for effective communication.
  6. The conferences created numerous nexus for networking opportunities.
  7. The databases served as essential nexus for data storage.
  8. The intersections became busy traffic nexus during rush hour.
  9. The events acted as focal nexus for industry professionals.
  10. The research papers explored different nexus between science and technology.

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