Typo Plural, What is the Plural of Typo?

Meaning: Misprint error, etc.

Plural of Typo

Singular Plural
typo typos

Typo as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I found a typo in this document.
  2. The book had a noticeable typo on page 27.
  3. She pointed out a small typo in the email.
  4. Please fix the typo in the heading.
  5. The article contains a glaring typo.
  6. He discovered a significant typo in the report.
  7. They overlooked a crucial typo in the presentation.
  8. Can you spot the hidden typo in this sentence?
  9. The proofreader failed to catch the obvious typo.
  10. The website needs to be updated to fix the typo.

Typo as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The document is filled with typos.
  2. I noticed several typos in the newspaper article.
  3. The report needs to be revised due to numerous typos.
  4. The book was poorly edited, containing multiple typos.
  5. The document was riddled with spelling and grammar typos.
  6. They need to hire a proofreader to catch all the typos.
  7. The professor deducted points for the excessive typos.
  8. I can’t submit this paper with so many typos.
  9. The editor missed a few typos in the manuscript.
  10. The website’s content was full of embarrassing typos.

Singular Possessive of Typo

The singular possessive form of “Typo” is “Typo’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Typo:

  1. I found a mistake in Typo’s report.
  2. Typo’s email contained a spelling error.
  3. The editor fixed Typo’s typos in the manuscript.
  4. Typo’s note was filled with errors.
  5. The teacher pointed out Typo’s grammatical mistake.
  6. Typo’s blog post had several punctuation errors.
  7. The proofreader corrected Typo’s misspelled words.
  8. Typo’s resume had a few formatting issues.
  9. The secretary noticed Typo’s typo in the document.
  10. Typo’s handwriting was difficult to decipher.

Plural Possessive of Typo

The plural possessive form of “Typo” is “Typos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Typo:

  1. The book is filled with Typos’ errors.
  2. The teacher marked all Typos’ mistakes in the essays.
  3. Typos’ presence in the document was distracting.
  4. The proofreader highlighted Typos’ misspelled words.
  5. The editor fixed all Typos’ errors in the manuscript.
  6. Typos’ impact on the report was significant.
  7. The team discussed and resolved Typos’ issues.
  8. Typos’ frequency decreased after the revisions.
  9. The writer was careful to avoid Typos’ mistakes.
  10. The article contained numerous Typos’ inaccuracies.

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