Shop Plural, What is the Plural of Shop?

Meaning: part of a building where goods

Plural of Shop

Singular Plural
shop shops

Synonyms of Shop

  • supermarket
  • store
  • salon
  • retail store
  • retail outlet
  • reseller
  • parlour
  • outlet
  • hypermarket
  • establishment
  • emporium
  • department store
  • cash and carry

Shop as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I need to go to the shop to buy groceries.
  2. The shop was filled with colorful clothing.
  3. The mechanic fixed my car at the auto shop.
  4. The toy shop has a wide selection of games.
  5. I found a great deal at the antique shop.
  6. The bakery is my favorite shop in town.
  7. The book shop has a vast collection of novels.
  8. I visited the flower shop to buy roses.
  9. The coffee shop serves delicious pastries.
  10. The gift shop sells souvenirs and trinkets.

Shop as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I went to different shops to compare prices.
  2. The clothing shops had a sale on jeans.
  3. The toy shops were crowded during the holiday season.
  4. The antique shops were full of unique items.
  5. I love exploring different book shops.
  6. The flower shops had beautiful arrangements.
  7. The coffee shops in this city are exceptional.
  8. The gift shops had a variety of souvenirs.
  9. The department shops had big discounts.
  10. The shoe shops had a wide range of styles.

Singular Possessive of Shop

The singular possessive form of “Shop” is “Shop’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Shop:

  1. The Shop’s inventory is well-organized and diverse.
  2. I need to visit the Shop’s new location soon.
  3. The quality of the Shop’s products is exceptional.
  4. The Shop’s prices are reasonable and competitive.
  5. The service at the Shop’s counter is always friendly.
  6. The atmosphere of the Shop’s interior is cozy and inviting.
  7. I enjoy browsing through the Shop’s unique selection.
  8. The Shop’s display window showcases the latest trends.
  9. The Shop’s return policy is customer-friendly.
  10. The staff at the Shop’s register is efficient and helpful.

Plural Possessive of Shop

The plural possessive form of “Shop” is “Shops'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Shop:

  1. The prices at the Shops’ entrances vary significantly.
  2. The Shops’ inventories cater to different customer needs.
  3. The promotions at the Shops’ checkout counters are enticing.
  4. The Shops’ locations are strategically chosen for convenience.
  5. The competition between the Shops’ owners is fierce.
  6. The variety of products at the Shops’ aisles is impressive.
  7. The Shops’ display windows showcase the latest fashion trends.
  8. The customer service at the Shops’ counters is exceptional.
  9. The popularity of the Shops’ online platforms is increasing.
  10. The discounts at the Shops’ clearance sections are irresistible.

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