Carcinoma Plural, What is the Plural of Carcinoma?

Meaning: a cancer arising in the epithelial tissue of the skin.

Plural of Carcinoma

Singular Plural
Carcinoma Carcinomas

Synonyms of Carcinoma

  • corruption
  • disease
  • malignancy
  • sickness
  • tumor

Carcinoma as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The patient was diagnosed with carcinoma.
  2. The doctor explained the treatment options for carcinoma.
  3. The early detection of carcinoma is crucial for successful treatment.
  4. The biopsy confirmed the presence of carcinoma.
  5. The surgeon removed the carcinoma during the operation.
  6. The carcinoma cells were analyzed under a microscope.
  7. The patient underwent chemotherapy to combat carcinoma.
  8. The radiologist identified the carcinoma on the medical scans.
  9. The oncologist discussed the prognosis of carcinoma.
  10. The carcinoma had spread to other organs.

Carcinoma as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctors studied various types of carcinomas.
  2. The researchers investigated potential treatments for carcinomas.
  3. The laboratory conducted experiments to understand carcinomas
  4. The patients formed a support group for those with carcinomas.
  5. The carcinomas required aggressive treatment strategies.
  6. The pathologist examined the specimens for signs of carcinomas.
  7. The medical conference focused on the latest advancements in treating carcinomas.
  8. The patients underwent surgeries to remove the affected carcinomas.
  9. The researchers discovered new markers for diagnosing carcinomas.
  10. The treatment options for advanced carcinomas were limited.

Singular Possessive of Carcinoma

The singular possessive form of “Carcinoma” is “Carcinoma’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Carcinoma:

  1. The doctor explained the carcinoma’s growth rate to the patient.
  2. The biopsy confirmed the carcinoma’s aggressive nature.
  3. The specialist discussed the treatment options for the carcinoma’s removal.
  4. The oncologist closely monitored the carcinoma’s progression.
  5. The patient was concerned about the carcinoma’s metastasis potential.
  6. The surgeon successfully removed the carcinoma’s tumor.
  7. The pathology report detailed the carcinoma’s cellular characteristics.
  8. The researcher studied the genetic markers of the carcinoma’s development.
  9. The nurse provided support for the carcinoma’s side effects.
  10. The medical team discussed the carcinoma’s prognosis with the family.

Plural Possessive of Carcinoma

The plural possessive form of “Carcinoma” is “Carcinomas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Carcinoma:

  1. The research study examined the carcinomas’ prevalence in the population.
  2. The lab technicians analyzed the carcinomas’ tissue samples under the microscope.
  3. The medical journal published an article about the carcinomas’ treatment advancements.
  4. The oncology department researched various carcinomas’ genetic mutations.
  5. The patient support group discussed coping strategies for carcinomas’ impact.
  6. The conference focused on new research findings related to carcinomas’ etiology.
  7. The pharmaceutical company developed drugs targeting specific carcinomas’ characteristics.
  8. The doctors discussed the challenges in diagnosing different carcinomas’ subtypes.
  9. The survivors shared their stories of overcoming carcinomas’ challenges.
  10. The foundation raised funds for research on preventing carcinomas’ recurrence.

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