Insurance Plural, What is the plural of Insurance?

Meaning: an arrangement by which a company.

Plural of Insurance


Insurance as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The insurance covered the cost of the car repairs.
  2. She purchased health insurance to protect her family.
  3. The flood damage was included in the homeowner’s insurance.
  4. The company provided insurance for its employees’ health.
  5. The insurance policy protected against unexpected accidents.
  6. The traveler bought travel insurance for their trip.
  7. The insurance agent explained the terms of the insurance.
  8. The insurance premium was due at the end of the month.
  9. The driver filed an insurance claim after the accident.
  10. The insurance company offered competitive rates to customers.

Insurance as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The company provides various types of insurances.
  2. They compared different insurances to find the best coverage.
  3. The customer requested a quote for multiple insurances.
  4. The insurances covered both property and liability.
  5. The policies offered by different insurances varied in price.
  6. The employer offered group insurances to its employees.
  7. The client sought advice from an expert in personal insurances.
  8. The insurances were reviewed annually to ensure adequate coverage.
  9. The business owner invested in several insurances to protect assets.
  10. The insurance broker helped clients navigate through multiple insurances.

Singular Possessive of Insurance

The singular possessive form of “Insurance” is “Insurance’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Insurance:

  1. The policyholder reviewed their insurance’s coverage.
  2. The insurance agent explained the insurance’s terms and conditions.
  3. The claimant filed a complaint about the insurance’s delay.
  4. The beneficiary received the insurance’s payout.
  5. The lawyer reviewed the insurance’s liability in the accident.
  6. The company evaluated the insurance’s financial stability.
  7. The customer compared different insurance’s premiums.
  8. The insured individual renewed their insurance’s policy.
  9. The adjuster assessed the damages covered by the insurance’s policy.
  10. The insured driver reported the accident to their insurance’s representative.

Plural Possessive of Insurance

The plural possessive form of “Insurance” is “Insurances'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Insurance:

  1. The companies offered various insurances’ coverage options.
  2. The brokers provided clients with multiple insurances’ quotes.
  3. The policies explained the insurances’ terms and conditions.
  4. The regulators monitored the insurances’ compliance with regulations.
  5. The claims adjusters handled multiple insurances’ claims simultaneously.
  6. The insured parties compared different insurances’ premiums.
  7. The lawyers specialized in cases related to multiple insurances’ disputes.
  8. The industry experts analyzed the insurances’ market trends.
  9. The customers sought advice on selecting the best insurances’ policies.
  10. The actuaries calculated the risks for various insurances’ portfolios.

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