Century Plural, What is the plural of Century

Century Plural, What is the plural of Century

This basic vocabulary short lesson is very useful for kids and beginners. You will learn about this basic English vocabulary word and its use in our daily routine conversational sentences.

Meaning of Century is

a period of one hundred years.

Singular and Plural of Century

Singular Plural
Century Centuries


Synonyms of Century

  • centenary
  • centennial
  • centurial


Use of Century in Example Sentences

  • The 18th and 19th centuries.
  • How did they manage to stay alive a century ago?
  • This century’s daughter.
  • Take your mind out of the nineteenth century.

A Huge list of 500+ Singular and Plurals

Singular Plural
auto autos
library libraries
libretto librettos
lice lice
license licenses
lich liches
lie lies
life lives
light lights
lightning lightnings
lily lilies
lion lions
lioness lionesses
list lists
liter liters
literature literatures
lives lives
loaf loaves
lobby lobbyists
lobster lobsters
locus loci
locust locusts
logo logos
lopez lopezes
lorry lorries
loss losses
lotus lotuses
love loves
lox loxes
luggage luggage
lullaby lullabies
lumen lumens
lunch lunches
lynching lynchings
lynx lynxes
macula maculae
macule macules
mad mads
madam madams
mafia mafias
mage magi/mages
magus magi
maid maidens
mail mails
majesty majesties
male males
malleolus malleoli
mammary mammaries
man mans
manatee manties
manga mangas
manifesto manifestoes
mantel mantels
mantis mantises
mantra mantras


march marches
market markets
marquis marquises
marriage marriages
martini martinis
mary marys
mass masses
massage massages
masseuse masseuses
mat mats
match matches
mate mates
material materials
math maths
matrix matrices
mattress mattresses
max maxes
maxilla maxillae
maximum maximums
maybe maybes
mean means
meat meats
meatus meatuses
media medias
medici medico
medicine medicines
medium mediums
megalopolis megalopolises
melody melodies
member members
memento mementos/mementoes
memo memos
memorabilia memorabilia
memorandum memorandums
memory memories
meniscus menisci
mensch menschen
menu menus
mercedes mercedes
merchandise merchandises
mess messes
messer messers
metamorphosis metamorphoses
metastasis metastases
metropolis metropolises
mouse mice
midwife midwives
military militaries
milk milks
millennia millenniums
million millions
minimum minima/minimums
mink minks
mir mirs
miscellaneous miscellanea
mischief mischiefs
misdiagnosis misdiagnoses
miss misses
missus missuses
mister mister’s
mitochondria mitochondria
modulus moduli
mom moms
mommy mommies
monday mondays
money money
mongoose mongooses
monkey monkey’s
monkfish monkfish
monsieur messieurs
month months
moon moons
moor moors
moose moose
moral morals
morris morrises
mosquito mosquitoes
moss mosses
moth moths
mother mothers
motif motifs
motto mottos
mousse mousses
mouth mouths
mullet mullets
mummy mummies
muse muses



museum museums
music music
mute mutes
muter muters
mutter mutters
mystery mysteries
mythos mythoi
nail nails
nail clipper nail clippers
nanny nannies
nautilus nautiluses
navy navies
nazi nazis
nebula nebulae
neck necks
necklace necklaces
necropolis necropolises
need needs
negro negroes/ negros
neighbor neighbors
nemesis nemeses
nest nests
neurosis neuroses
new new
nexus nexuses
niche niches
niece nieces
night nights
ninja ninjas
no noes
nobody nobodies
noise noises
noose nooses
nose noses
notary public notaries public/notary publics
notebook notebooks
novation novations
nucleus nuclei
nurse nurses
nursery nurseries
oasis oases
octopus octopuses
oculus oculi
office offices
offspring offsprings
omnibus omnibus
one omnibuses
opossum opossums
opus opera
orange oranges
orca orcas
organization organizations
orifice orifices
osprey ospreys
ostrich ostriches
ovary ovaries
ovum ova