20+ Candy That Starts With V

Explore a vivacious variety of candies starting with V, indulging every sweet tooth with delightful treats ranging from classics to hidden gems.

20 Popular Candy That Starts With V

  1. Violet Crumble: An Australian honeycomb chocolate bar.
  2. Valomilk: A creamy, flowy marshmallow chocolate cup.
  3. Vanilla Tootsie Rolls: The vanilla version of classic Tootsies.
  4. VeganSweets Jelly Beans: A beloved vegan candy choice.
  5. Vosges Chocolate: Exotic truffles and premium chocolates.
  6. Van Houten Chocolate: Dutch processed rich, smooth cocoa.
  7. Valrhona Chocolate: French luxury chocolate, high in cocoa.
  8. Vanilla Fudge: Creamy, smooth, and richly vanilla.
  9. Violet Pastilles: Subtle violet-flavored soothing hard candy.
  10. Victory V Lozenges: Licorice-flavored, a bit herbal, lozenges.
  11. Vanilla Charleston Chew: A vanilla-flavored chewy chocolate bar.
  12. Veggie Haribo Gummies: Gummy candy in vegetable shapes.
  13. Van Slooten Lakritzen: Dutch licorice in various forms.
  14. Venco Drop: Traditional Dutch licorice candies.
  15. Venchi Chocolates: Italian chocolates, rich and decadent.
  16. Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts: Classic sweet message hearts.
  17. Vero Mango: Mango-flavored lollipop coated with chili.
  18. Van Wyk Confections: Fundraising chocolates and candy bars.
  19. Vivil Creme Life: Sugar-free hard candies, various flavors.
  20. Vero Elotes: Strawberry-flavored, chili-covered lollipops.

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Candy That Starts With V

Other Candies That Start With V

Sour Candy Starting With V

  1. Vero Pica Fresa: A sour strawberry gummy candy.
  2. V Sour Drops: Zesty, fruity, sour droplets.
  3. Vicious Vipers: Tangy, snake-shaped gummy sweets.
  4. Vita C Gummy Bears: Sour gummy bears with Vitamin C.
  5. Very Sour Chewy Lemonheads: Extremely sour lemon-flavored candies.

Sweet Candy Starting With V

  1. Vanilla Caramels: Smooth, creamy vanilla caramels.
  2. Vidal Gummy Candies: Various gummies in cute shapes.
  3. Vermont Maple Candy: Sweet, melt-in-your-mouth maple candies.
  4. Violet Mints: Lightly sweet, violet-flavored mints.
  5. Vanilla Cream Drops: Old-fashioned drop candies, sweet vanilla.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With V

  1. Vimto Chocolate: Unique chocolate with Vimto flavoring.
  2. Vanilla Milkshake Whoppers: Malted milk balls, vanilla flavor.
  3. Vanillin Zuckertäfelchen: Small German vanilla chocolate tablets.
  4. Van Lier’s Chocolates: Assorted chocolates, various flavors.
  5. Violet Sky Chocolate: Artisan, bean-to-bar, flavorful creations.

Halloween Candy That Starts With V

  1. Vampire Teeth Gummies: Fun, fruity gummy vampire teeth.
  2. Voodoo Doll Gummies: Spooky, tasty, voodoo doll gummies.
  3. Vampire Blood Lollipops: Red, blood-like, sweet lollipops.
  4. Vicious Vampire Bats: Chewy bat-shaped gummy candy.
  5. Velvety Candy Corn: Soft, traditional Halloween treat.

Chewy Candy That Starts With V

  1. Vanilla Salt Water Taffy: Chewy, sweet, vanilla-flavored taffy.
  2. Vimto Chew Bars: Fruity, chewy bars, Vimto-flavored.
  3. Vanilla Cow Tails: Vanilla-flavored, chewy caramel sticks.
  4. Vidal Licorice Candies: Chewy and sweet licorice treats.
  5. Velvet Mints: Chocolate-covered, chewy mint candies.

Candy Bars That Start With V

  1. Violet Crumble Bar: Crunchy honeycomb covered in chocolate.
  2. Vego Chocolate Bar: A rich, vegan-friendly chocolate bar.
  3. Vanilla Zero Bar: White fudge, almond, and nougat.
  4. Valencia Orange Peel Bar: Dark chocolate-covered candied orange peel.
  5. Vivani Chocolate Bars: Organic, high-quality assorted chocolate bars.