20+ Candy That Starts With M

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the world of candy has so much to offer. Ever wondered how many candies start with the letter ‘M’? Let’s embark on this delicious journey.

20 Popular Candy That Starts With M

  1. M&M’s: Iconic candy-coated chocolate treats.
  2. Mars Bar: Filled with caramel and nougat.
  3. Milk Duds: Chewy caramel covered in chocolate.
  4. Mentos: Fresh minty chewy dragees.
  5. Mike and Ike: Fruity, chewy flavored candies.
  6. Mounds: Dark chocolate with coconut filling.
  7. Milky Way: Chocolate, caramel, and nougat delight.
  8. Maoam: German fruit-flavored chewy candies.
  9. Mary Janes: Peanut butter-molasses flavored taffy.
  10. Mamba: Fruit-flavored chewy treats.
  11. Malkist: Crispy chocolate-covered wafers.
  12. Mojito Chews: Mint-lime flavored chewy candies.
  13. Mamba Fruit Twists: Twisted fruit-flavored candies.
  14. Mint Juleps: Mint-flavored chewy candies.
  15. Marpoles: Hard candy poles with various flavors.
  16. Minties: Fresh peppermint chews.
  17. Milka: Smooth Swiss milk chocolate.
  18. Matcha Pocky: Green tea-flavored stick biscuits.
  19. Maltesers: Crunchy malt balls covered in chocolate.
  20. Mazapan: Sweet almond paste candy.

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Candy That Starts With M

Other Candies That Start With M

Sour Candy Starting With M

  1. M sour: Tangy fruit-flavored candies.
  2. Mamba Sour: Sour variation of the Mamba chew.
  3. Mega Warheads: Intensely sour hard candy.
  4. Mango Sour Strips: Tart mango-flavored gummy strips.
  5. Mouth Puckers: Citrus-based sour candies.

Sweet Candy Starting With M

  1. Maple Drops: Hard candies with rich maple flavor.
  2. Marzipan Fruit: Almond paste shaped like fruits.
  3. Mystic Mints: Sweet mints with a hint of vanilla.
  4. Mango Chews: Tropical fruit-flavored soft candies.
  5. Mandarin Oranges Gummies: Sweet citrus gummy candies.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With M

  1. Mocha Truffles: Coffee-infused chocolate delights.
  2. Midnight Bliss: Dark chocolate with a hint of mint.
  3. Mint Chocolate Chip Candies: A blend of mint and chocolate flavors.
  4. Mousse-filled Chocolates: Creamy mousse encased in chocolate.
  5. Macadamia Nut Chocolates: Crunchy nuts in smooth chocolate.

Halloween Candy That Starts With M

  1. Monster Lollies: Lollipops with spooky monster faces.
  2. Midnight Gummies: Dark, fruity gummy candies.
  3. Mummy Wraps: Candies wrapped like little mummies.
  4. Marshmallow Ghosts: Fluffy marshmallows are shaped like ghosts.
  5. Mystery Chews: Halloween-themed chewy candies.

Chewy Candy That Starts With M

  1. Mulberry Chews: Soft candies flavored with mulberry.
  2. Mango Taffy: Chewy taffy with a tropical twist.
  3. Muscadine Gummies: Grape-flavored chewy gummies.
  4. Maple Pecan Chews: Nutty and sweet chewy candies.
  5. Minty Gelatins: Mint-flavored chewy jelly candies.

Candy Bars That Start With M

  1. Milka & Oreo: Chocolate bar with Oreo bits.
  2. Midnight Crunch: Dark chocolate with crispy inclusions.
  3. Mighty Nutty: Nut-filled chocolate candy bar.
  4. Mango Tango Bars: Chocolate bars with mango filling.
  5. Malted Milk Bars: Creamy malt filling coated with chocolate.