20+ Candy That Starts With E

Engage your sweet senses with enticing candies that kick off with the letter ‘E’. Explore this sugary selection, from everyday treats to exquisite edibles you might not have encountered before.

20 Popular Candy That Starts With E

  1. Everlasting Gobstopper: Color-changing, jawbreaker-like candy.
  2. Eat-More: Dark toffee, peanut, and chocolate bar.
  3. Eclairs: Creamy, chocolate-covered toffee candies.
  4. Extra Gum: Sugar-free chewing gum brand.
  5. English Toffee: Buttery toffee coated in chocolate.
  6. Easter Egg Candies: Seasonal chocolate or candy eggs.
  7. Espresso Beans: Coffee beans covered in chocolate.
  8. El Bubble Gum Cigars: Bubble gum shaped like cigars.
  9. E.Wedel: Renowned Polish chocolate brand.
  10. Edible Candy Cups: Candy shells for fillings or desserts.
  11. Extreme Sour Hard Candy: Super tangy hard candies.
  12. Eiffel Bon Bons: Chewy, French fruit candies.
  13. Edible Flower Candies: Candies shaped like flowers.
  14. Elderberry Drops: Hard candies with elderberry flavor.
  15. Emoji Gummies: Fun, face-shaped gummy candies.
  16. Everton Toffee: Traditional English toffee treat.
  17. Eucalyptus Drops: Refreshing, minty hard candy.
  18. Electric Shock Bubble Gum: Sour-filled shocking gum.
  19. Easter Bunny Chocolates: Seasonal rabbit-shaped chocolates.
  20. Elite Chocolate: Famous Israeli chocolate brand.

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Candy That Starts With E

Other Candies That Start With E

Sour Candy Starting With E

  1. Exploding Sour Candies: Fizzing sour candy pellets.

Sweet Candy Starting With E

  1. Edible Candy Roses: Sweet rose-shaped candies.
  2. Edible Gold Candies: Luxurious gold leaf candies.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With E

  1. European Chocolate Truffles: Rich, creamy chocolate treats.
  2. Elite Milk Chocolate Bar: Smooth Israeli milk chocolate.

Halloween Candy That Starts With E

  1. Eyeball Gummies: Gummy candies shaped like eyes.
  2. Eerie Popping Candy: Fizzing candy for spooky fun.

Chewy Candy That Starts With E

  1. Extra Chewy Mints: Soft, mint-flavored chewy candies.
  2. Exotic Fruit Chews: Tropical fruit-flavored chews.

Candy Bars That Start With E

  1. Epic Bar: Multi-layered candy with various fillings.
  2. Energizer Chocolate Bar: Candy bar with energy-boosting ingredients.