20+ Candy That Starts With F

Dive into the sweet world of candies starting with the letter ‘F’. From fruity to fudgy, here’s a list to satisfy every candy lover’s craving!

Candy That Starts With F

  1. Fruit Gushers: Juicy, fruity-filled gems.
  2. Fun Dip: Sugary powder with a stick.
  3. Ferrero Rocher: Chocolate ball with hazelnut.
  4. Fudge: Soft, creamy chocolate delight.
  5. Fruit Stripe Gum: Colorful, zebra-striped chew.
  6. Frosted Animal Cookies: Iced, animal-shaped biscuits.
  7. Fruit By The Foot: Long, fruity roll-up.
  8. Fruit Mentos: Chewy, flavored candy rolls.
  9. French Burnt Peanuts: Crunchy, candy-coated nuts.
  10. Flake Bar: Crumbly, layered chocolate.
  11. Fruit Pastilles: Chewy, sugar-coated jellies.
  12. Fudgee-O Cookies: Cream-filled chocolate biscuits.
  13. Fruit Chews: Square, taffy-like delights.
  14. Fizzy Cola Bottles: Soda-inspired gummy treat.
  15. Freeze Pops: Icy, flavored sweet sticks.
  16. Fireballs: Spicy, cinnamon hard candies.
  17. Fizz Wiz: Popping candy sensation.
  18. Froot Loops Gummies: Fruity, loop-shaped candies.
  19. Fudge Brownie M&Ms: Chocolate candies with fudge.
  20. Flying Saucers: Wafer with tangy powder.

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Candy That Starts With F

Other Candies That Start With F

  1. Finnish Licorice: Black, salty-sweet treat.
  2. Frogs: Chocolate-covered marshmallow delights.
  3. Fruit Salads: Pink and black chews.
  4. Fizzers: Effervescent candy tablets.
  5. Fantales: Chewy caramel with movie trivia.

Sour Candy Starting With F

  1. Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles: Tangy soda gummies.
  2. Fruit Sour Chews: Citrus-flavored chewy candies.
  3. Fizzy Blue Bottles: Sour blue raspberry gummies.
  4. Fizzy Peaches: Peach-flavored sour gummies.
  5. Fizzy Rainbow Belts: Sour, striped candy.

Sweet Candy Starting With F

  1. Fruit Jelly Beans: Sweet bean-shaped jellies.
  2. Fruit Gems: Soft, sugar-coated candies.
  3. Fruit Creme Savers: Creamy, fruity candies.
  4. Fruit Lollipops: Sweet, flavored sucker.
  5. Frosted Gummy Bears: Sugar-coated gummy bears.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With F

  1. Fudge Covered Oreos: Chocolate-coated cookie.
  2. Ferrero Rondnoir: Dark chocolate treat.
  3. Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar: Chocolate with fruits and nuts.
  4. Fudgee Bars: Soft, chocolate-filled bars.
  5. Frosted Mint Chocolates: Minty, chocolate-covered delight.

Halloween Candy That Starts With F

  1. Fudge Pumpkins: Chocolate pumpkin shapes.
  2. Fruit Punch Twizzlers: Halloween-themed fruity twists.
  3. Frightening Fizzers: Spooky effervescent tablets.
  4. Frankenstein Gummies: Green, monster-shaped gummies.
  5. Fudge Ghosts: Ghost-shaped chocolate delights.

Chewy Candy That Starts With F

  1. Fruit Chew Sticks: Flavored, chewy candies.
  2. Fruit Taffy: Stretchy, fruity delights.
  3. Fudge Chews: Chocolate-flavored chewy candies.
  4. Fruit Leather: Natural, fruity chews.
  5. Fruity Chew Drops: Bite-sized chewy treats.

Candy Bars That Start With F

  1. Fruit & Nut Bar: Wholesome chocolate bar.
  2. Fast Break Bar: Peanut butter candy bar.
  3. Fudge Brownie Bar: Chocolatey, fudgy delight.
  4. Full Eight Chocolate Bar: Eight segments of chocolate.