20+ Candy That Starts With O

Discover the sweet world of candies beginning with the letter O!

20 Popular Candy That Starts With O

  1. Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar: Creamy filling with Oreo bits.
  2. Oh Henry!: Caramel, peanuts, and fudge covered in chocolate.
  3. Orange Slices: Chewy, citrus-flavored jelly candies.
  4. Orbit Gum: Refreshing, sugar-free chewing gum.
  5. Orchard Fruits: Hard candies in various fruit flavors.
  6. Old-fashioned Hard Candy: Classic, assorted transparent sweets.
  7. Opal Fruits (now Starburst in many regions): Juicy fruit chews.
  8. Oompas: Fruit-flavored, round, chewy candies.
  9. Orange Creamsicle: Orange and cream-flavored sweet treat.
  10. Old Gold: Dark chocolate bar, rich in cocoa.
  11. Ovaltine: Malted milk powder turned sweet drink.
  12. Olive Chocolate: Chocolates filled with candied olives.
  13. Orion’s Pie: Chocolate-covered marshmallow treats.
  14. Overload: A chocolate bar loaded with nuts and caramel.
  15. Orange Jelly: Sweet and tangy orange-flavored jelly candies.
  16. Oh Jellybeans!: Fruit-flavored, colorful jellybeans.
  17. Orchard Apple Chews: Chewy apple-flavored candy.
  18. Opulent Truffles: Creamy, luxurious chocolate truffles.
  19. Ocean Gummies: Sea-themed gummy candies.
  20. Orange Peel Chocolate: Chocolate-covered candied orange peels.

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Candy That Starts With O

Other Candies That Start With O

Sour Candy Starting With O

  1. Overly Sour Oranges: Tangy and puckering orange candies.
  2. Oomph! Sour Balls: Hard candies with a sour punch.
  3. Olive & Lemon Sours: Unique sour combo of flavors.
  4. Orchard Sour Apples: Sour apple-flavored hard candies.
  5. Oh No! Extreme Sour Drops: Liquid candy with an intense sourness.

Sweet Candy Starting With O

  1. Orange Blossom Honey Sticks: Sweet honey in a straw.
  2. Ovation Break-A-Parts: Sweet, segmented chocolate oranges.
  3. Old Time Ribbon Candy: Colorful, sweet hard candy ribbons.
  4. Orion Sweet Milk Chews: Creamy milk-flavored chews.
  5. Orchard Cherry Delights: Sweet, cherry-flavored candies.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With O

  1. Orange Infused Dark Chocolate: Rich dark chocolate with citrus notes.
  2. Opulent Orange Truffles: Creamy truffles with orange essence.
  3. Orion Choco Pie: Chocolate-covered, marshmallow-filled pie.
  4. Ovomaltine Chocolate Bar: Chocolate with malted milk bits.
  5. Outrageous Fudge Bar: Dense chocolate fudge with nuts.

Halloween Candy That Starts With O

  1. Owl-shaped Chocolate: Festive, bird-shaped chocolates.
  2. Orion Pumpkin Pie: Halloween-themed chocolate pie.
  3. Orange-flavored Candy Corn: A twist on the Halloween classic.
  4. Ominous Gummies: Spooky-shaped gummy candies.
  5. Outlandish Eyeball Candies: Halloween-themed candy resembling eyes.

Chewy Candy That Starts With O

  1. Orange Burst Taffy: Chewy and tangy taffy candy.
  2. Over-the-Top Caramels: Soft, chewy caramel squares.
  3. Oasis Fruit Chews: Tropical-flavored chewy candies.
  4. Oh-So-Chewy Berry Bites: Berry-flavored chewy candies.
  5. Original Chewy Licorice: Classic Chewy Licorice ropes.

Candy Bars That Start With O

  1. Outrage Bar: Chocolate bar with a variety of fillings.
  2. Orion Milky Way: Creamy nougat and caramel candy bar.
  3. Oh My! Nut Bar: Nut-filled, chocolate-covered candy bar.
  4. Oasis Bar: Tropical fruit-filled chocolate bar.
  5. Orange Blast Crunch: Chocolate bar with orange-flavored crisps.