20+ Candy That Starts With T

Tantalize your taste buds with terrific treats beginning with the letter ‘T’. Dive into this delicious list of candies from tart to sweet.

20 Popular Candy That Starts With T

  1. Twix: A cookie bar with caramel, coated in chocolate.
  2. Tootsie Roll: A chewy chocolate-flavored candy.
  3. Tootsie Pop: Hard candy lollipop with a Tootsie Roll center.
  4. Toblerone: Triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat.
  5. Twizzlers: Chewy strawberry or licorice-flavored twists.
  6. Turkish Delight: A sweet gelatinous treat often flavored with rose.
  7. Tic Tac: Small, hard mints in a variety of flavors.
  8. Taffy: Stretchy, chewy candy in numerous flavors.
  9. Take 5: Chocolate bars filled with pretzels, caramel, peanuts, and peanut butter.
  10. Tunnock’s Tea Cakes: A marshmallow on a biscuit base, covered in chocolate.
  11. Terry’s Chocolate Orange: Chocolate segments flavored with orange oil.
  12. Toffee: Sweet, sticky candy made from caramelized sugar.
  13. Truffles: Soft-centered chocolates often with creamy fillings.
  14. Trolli Gummies: Fruit-flavored gummy candies in various shapes.
  15. Toffee Crisp: A bar with soft toffee and crisp cereal.
  16. Twirl: A pair of flake-style chocolate bars.
  17. Tamarind Candy: Sweet and sour candy made from tamarind fruit.
  18. Tangy Zangy: Sour, fruity gummy candies.
  19. Torrones: Italian nougat candy with nuts.
  20. Tootsie Fruit Chews: Fruit-flavored versions of the classic Tootsie Roll.

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Candy That Starts With T

Other Candies That Start With T

Sour Candy Starting With T

  1. Tangy Tarts: Hard candies with a super sour punch.
  2. Toxic Waste: Extremely sour hard candy.
  3. Tart n’ Tinys: Small, chewy candies with a tart kick.
  4. Twisted Sour Straws: Chewy, sour candy straws.
  5. Tropical Sour Heads: Sour candy with tropical flavors.

Sweet Candy Starting With T

  1. Triple Power Push Pop: Multi-flavored lollipop in a push dispenser.
  2. Tiny Taffy: Mini versions of classic stretchy taffy.
  3. Tropical Fruit Drops: Hard candies in tropical fruit flavors.
  4. Teaberry Gum: Sweetgum with a unique wintergreen flavor.
  5. Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Beans: Jelly beans with a marshmallow taste.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With T

  1. Triple Chocolate Bar: A bar combining dark, milk, and white chocolate.
  2. Tuxedos Chocolate Almonds: Almonds coated in rich chocolate.
  3. Toffee Breaks: Bits of toffee enrobed in chocolate.
  4. Triple Dipped Malt Balls: Malted milk balls with a thick chocolate coating.
  5. Turtle Chocolates: Caramel and pecans covered in chocolate.

Halloween Candy That Starts With T

  1. Twisted Pumpkin Pops: Lollipops shaped like Halloween pumpkins.
  2. Tangy Halloween Gummies: Halloween-themed gummy candies.
  3. Toxic Ghost Drops: Ghost-shaped sour candies.
  4. Terrifying Taffy Twists: Halloween-colored taffy.
  5. Tombstone Toffee: Halloween-themed toffee candies.

Chewy Candy That Starts With T

  1. Tropical Chewies: Soft chews in tropical flavors.
  2. Twisted Fruit Chews: Twisty, fruit-flavored soft candies.
  3. Tangy Taffy: Sour-infused chewy taffy.
  4. Toasted Coconut Chews: Chewy candies with coconut flavor.
  5. Tangy Toffee Twists: Chewy toffee with a tangy twist.

Candy Bars That Start With T

  1. Titan Bar: Layers of caramel, nuts, and nougat covered in chocolate.
  2. Treat Bar: Creamy filling with various flavors, enrobed in chocolate.
  3. Triple Nut Bar: A bar with various nuts coated in chocolate.
  4. Toasted Almond Bar: Almonds in a chocolate bar.
  5. Tropicana Bar: Fruity flavors embedded in chocolate.