Top 5 Candy That Starts With X

X marks the spot for exquisite candies starting with the letter “X”. Let’s delve into the world of unique and lesser-known sweets, where X-citing flavors await.

Popular Candy That Starts With X

  1. Xylitol Gum: A sugar-free gum promoting dental health.
  2. Xtreme Sour Smarties: Super sour variant of classic Smarties.
  3. XingXing Gummies: Chinese gummy candies with fruit flavors.
  4. Xtra Sour Patch Kids: An even sourer version of the popular Sour Patch Kids.
  5. XO Lollipop: Hugs and kisses-shaped lollipops are often found around Valentine’s Day.

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Candy That Starts With X