20+ Candy That Starts With D

Delve into delectable delights that begin with the letter ‘D’. Embark on this sweet expedition to uncover candies that tantalize and tempt the taste buds!

20 Popular Candy That Starts With D

  1. Dove Chocolate: Smooth and creamy chocolate varieties.
  2. Dots: Colorful, gumdrop-like chewy candies.
  3. Dum Dums: Small, flavorful lollipops in various flavors.
  4. Double Bubble: Classic pink bubble gum.
  5. Dairy Milk: Cadbury’s signature milk chocolate.
  6. Daim Bar: Crunchy almond caramel covered in chocolate.
  7. Dr. Pepper Licorice: Licorice with a Dr. Pepper flavor.
  8. Dubble Bubble: Famous for its long-lasting flavor.
  9. Dutch Mints: Creamy mints coated in dark chocolate.
  10. Dark Chocolate M&M’s: A darker twist on classic M&M’s.
  11. Dentyne Gum: Known for its breath-freshening effect.
  12. Divine Chocolate: Fair-trade chocolate brand.
  13. Danish Toffee: Smooth toffee with a hint of butter.
  14. Dylan’s Candy Bar: A renowned candy brand and store.
  15. Dulce de Leche: Creamy caramel-like treat.
  16. Dad’s Root Beer Barrels: Hard candy with a root beer taste.
  17. Deep Dish Caramel Apple Pie: Candy with pie flavors.
  18. Durian Candy: Candy flavored with unique fruit.
  19. Dragon’s Beard Candy: Hand-pulled cotton candy-like treat.
  20. Dinosaur Gummies: Fun, dino-shaped gummy candies.

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Candy That Starts With D

Other Candies That Start With D

Sour Candy Starting With D

  1. D Sour Straws: Tangy, sour gummy straws.

Sweet Candy Starting With D

  1. Donut Holes: Tiny sweetened donut-flavored candies.
  2. Dolcetto Wafer Rolls: Sweet wafer with creamy filling.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With D

  1. Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks: Dark chocolate with orange centers.
  2. Dark Chocolate Nonpareils: Chocolate disks with white sprinkles.

Halloween Candy That Starts With D

  1. Dark Chocolate Pumpkins: Seasonal chocolate with pumpkin design.
  2. Demon Drops: Fiery cinnamon hard candies.

Chewy Candy That Starts With D

  1. Dulce Fruit Chews: Tropical flavored chewy candies.
  2. Dutch Licorice: Soft, chewy licorice from the Netherlands.

Candy Bars That Start With D

  1. Dream Bar: White chocolate bar with crispies.
  2. Double Decker: Layered nougat and crispy cereal bar.