20+ Candy That Starts With K

Delve into the delicious world of candies that start with the letter ‘K’. From classic favorites to new discoveries, satisfy your sweet tooth with this list!

Candy That Starts With K

  1. Kit-Kat: A crispy wafer covered in chocolate.
  2. Kinder Surprise: Chocolate egg with a toy inside.
  3. Kisses (Hershey’s): Iconic chocolate drop shape.
  4. Krackle: Chocolate with crispy rice.
  5. Kazoozles: Chewy candy with a fruity flavor.
  6. Kinder Bueno: Hazelnut cream-filled wafers.
  7. Kopiko: Coffee-flavored hard candy.
  8. Kool-Aid Gummies: Flavored after the popular drink.
  9. Kinder Joy: Creamy treat with a toy.
  10. Koko’s Confectionery & Novelty: Candy jewelry and toys.
  11. Kenny’s Licorice: Twists in various flavors.
  12. Krackel Bar: Milk chocolate with crisped rice.
  13. KicKers: Sugary fruit-flavored chews.
  14. King Leo: Minty stick candy.
  15. Kollisions: Licorice variety pack.
  16. Kerr’s Candy: Known for their toffees.
  17. Krowki: Polish milk fudge candy.
  18. Kandy Kakes: Peanut butter and chocolate treat.
  19. Kinder Chocolate: Milk chocolate with creamy filling.
  20. Kookaburra Licorice: Australian style licorice.

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Candy That Starts With K

Other Candies That Start With K

Sour Candy Starting With K

  1. K sour belts: Tangy and colorful strips.
  2. K sour balls: Hard candy with a sour kick.
  3. Kazoozles: Chewy candy with a sour twist.
  4. K sour gummy worms: Wiggly and tangy treats.
  5. Kinder Sour: Limited edition sour treats.

Sweet Candy Starting With K

  1. Kisses Deluxe: Richer, sweeter Hershey’s Kisses.
  2. Kerplunk Lollipops: Sweet hard candy on a stick.
  3. Kettle Corn Candy: Sweet popcorn flavor.
  4. Kawaii Gummies: Japanese-inspired sweet gummies.
  5. Klassic Hard Candies: Sweet and long-lasting.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With K

  1. Kirkland Signature Chocolate: Premium quality chocolates.
  2. KoKo’s Chocolate Coins: Golden-wrapped chocolate currency.
  3. Kinder Mini: Smaller chocolate with cream.
  4. Kit-Kat Dark: Dark chocolate variant.
  5. Karamel Sutra: Chocolate with caramel filling.

Halloween Candy That Starts With K

  1. Kooky Candy Corn: Classic Halloween candy.
  2. Kreepy Peepers: Chocolate eyeballs.
  3. Killer Gummies: Halloween-themed gummies.
  4. Kandy Korn: Another variant of candy corn.
  5. Kreepers: Spooky shaped chocolates.

Chewy Candy That Starts With K

  1. K Chewy Cubes: Soft and sugary squares.
  2. Kazoozles: Dual-flavored chewy ropes.
  3. K Chewy Fruits: Gummy fruit-flavored candies.
  4. Kinder Chew: Soft and chewy Kinder variant.
  5. Kookie Chews: Cookie-inspired chewy candy.

Candy Bars That Start With K

  1. K bar: Classic chewy candy bar.
  2. King Size Bars: Larger version of popular bars.
  3. Kit-Kat Chunky: Bigger and chunkier.
  4. Karamel Bar: Filled with smooth caramel.
  5. Krunchy Bar: With crispy cereal bits.