20+ Candy That Starts With I

From the sweetness of ice cream delights to the tanginess of sour treats, the candy world is vast and varied. When it comes to candies starting with the letter “I”, there are both familiar names and lesser-known delights. Read on for a list that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

20 Popular Candy That Starts With I

  1. Ice Cream Cones Candy: Miniature cones with sweet fillings.
  2. Iced Gems: Small biscuits topped with sugar icing.
  3. Icelandic Licorice: Licorice from Iceland, is often salty.
  4. Ibarra Chocolate: A traditional Mexican chocolate.
  5. Ice Cubes Chocolate: Creamy, melt-in-mouth chocolate treats.
  6. Island Punch Jelly Beans: Tropical fruit-flavored jelly beans.
  7. Irish Moss Jelly: A seaweed-based jelly candy.
  8. Italian Hard Candies: Often fruit-flavored and colorful.
  9. Iced Honey Buns: Sweet pastry with an icing coat.
  10. Icy Pops: Frozen candy treats on sticks.
  11. Inch Licorice Laces: Long, thin licorice strands.
  12. Iced Tea Hard Candy: Tea-flavored hard candy.
  13. Island Fruit Chews: Tropical fruit-flavored chewy candies.
  14. Indian Summer Lollipops: Lollipops with autumn-inspired flavors.
  15. Indigo Dye Gummies: Blue-colored gummy candies.
  16. Ice Wine Gummies: Wine-flavored gummy candies.
  17. Island Coconut Drops: Coconut-flavored sweet drops.
  18. Ice Breakers: Sugar-free mint candies.
  19. Illuminating Starburst: A variety of Starburst candy.
  20. Iced Lemon Drops: Lemon-flavored hard candies.

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Candy That Starts With I

Other Candies That Start With I

Sour Candy Starting With I

  1. Intense Sour Drops: Extremely sour hard candies.
  2. Illuminating Sour Rings: Gummy rings with a sour kick.
  3. Island Punch Sour Balls: Sour, tangy candy balls.
  4. Inferno Sour Strips: Super sour candy strips.
  5. Icy Sour Pops: Frozen sour lollipops.

Sweet Candy Starting With I

  1. Iris Toffee: Creamy toffee from Spain.
  2. Italian Almond Sweets: Almond-based sugary treats.
  3. Ivory Honey Delights: Creamy honey-flavored candies.
  4. Iced Caramel Drops: Sweet caramel-flavored candies.
  5. Isle of Dreams Fudge: Creamy, dreamy fudge candies.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With I

  1. Italian Chocolate Truffles: Rich and creamy truffles.
  2. Ivory Coast Chocolate: Chocolate from West Africa.
  3. Indulgent Chocolate Coins: Chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.
  4. Island Cocoa Nibs: Crunchy cocoa pieces.
  5. Intense Dark Chocolate Bars: Rich, dark chocolate bars.

Halloween Candy That Starts With I

  1. Iridescent Candy Corn: Colorful and festive candy corn.
  2. Inferno Pumpkins: Spicy pumpkin-shaped candies.
  3. Illuminated Ghost Gummies: Ghost-shaped gummy candies.
  4. Icy Bat Bites: Frozen candy bites in bat shapes.
  5. Invisible Witch Drops: Transparent candies with a surprise inside.

Chewy Candy That Starts With I

  1. Island Fruit Leather: Tropical fruit-flavored chewy treats.
  2. Irish Cream Taffy: Creamy and chewy taffy candies.
  3. Italian Chewy Caramels: Soft and chewy caramel treats.
  4. Iced Berry Chews: Berry-flavored chewy candies.
  5. Intense Fruit Chews: Strongly-flavored chewy candies.

Candy Bars That Start With I

  1. Infinity Chocolate Bar: Layers of chocolate, caramel, and nuts.
  2. Irish Mint Bar: Mint-flavored chocolate bars.
  3. Icy Crunch Bars: Frozen chocolate bars with a crunch.
  4. Indigo Dream Bars: Blueberry-infused chocolate bars.
  5. Illuminated Nut Bars: Candy bars with nuts and a touch of sparkle.