20+ Candy That Starts With N

Embark on a sweet journey exploring candies beginning with N!

20 Popular Candy That Starts With N

  1. Nerds: Tiny, crunchy, and colorful candy bits.
  2. Now and Later: Chewy candy that offers lasting flavor.
  3. Nestle Crunch: Chocolate bar with crispy rice pieces.
  4. Nutella & Go: Hazelnut spread with breadstick dippers.
  5. Nik-L-Nip: Wax bottles filled with fruit-flavored syrup.
  6. Necco Wafers: Iconic, colorful, and chalky sweet discs.
  7. Nut Goodie: A bar of maple, peanuts, and chocolate.
  8. Nougat: Soft candy made from honey, nuts, and egg whites.
  9. Nips: Hard candy, known for its rich caramel.
  10. NutRageous: Chocolate bar filled with peanuts and caramel.
  11. Nilla Wafers: Vanilla-flavored, thin, crispy cookies.
  12. Nestle Milk Chocolate: Smooth, rich classic chocolate bar.
  13. Nonpareils: Dark chocolate discs with white candy beads.
  14. Nestle Chunky: Milk chocolate, peanuts, and raisins combined.
  15. Nutter Butter: Peanut-shaped cookies filled with peanut butter.
  16. Nerds Rope: Gummy string covered in Nerds candy.
  17. Napoleon Sours: Hard candies with sour, fruity flavors.
  18. Nutty Buddy: Wafer bar layered with peanut butter.
  19. Neapolitan Coconut Slice: Striped coconut candy in three flavors.
  20. Nestle Alpine White: White chocolate with almond bits.

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Candy That Starts With N

Other Candies That Start With N

Sour Candy Starting With N

  1. Nerds Sour: Classic Nerds with an extra sour punch.
  2. Napoleon BonBon Party: Assorted sour, fruit-flavored hard candies.
  3. Now and Later Extreme Sour: Intensely sour and chewy.
  4. Nerds Big Chewy Sour: Larger, sour variant of Nerds.
  5. Nerds Sour Big Chewy: Crunchy and sour candy pieces.

Sweet Candy Starting With N

  1. Nougat Delights: Sweet and nutty, a classic treat.
  2. Nestle Toll House Morsels: Iconic for sweet baking additions.
  3. Necco Sweethearts: Classic heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candy.
  4. Nestle Smarties: Colorful, candy-coated chocolate pieces.
  5. Nestle Milkybar: Creamy white chocolate in a bar.

Chocolate Candy That Starts With N

  1. Nestle Aero: Milk chocolate with an airy, bubbly texture.
  2. Nestle Baby Ruth: Peanuts, caramel, and nougat chocolate bar.
  3. Nestle Butterfinger: Crispy, crunchy, peanut buttery!
  4. Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix: A sweet chocolate drink.
  5. Nestle 100 Grand: Chewy caramel, milk chocolate, and crisped rice.

Halloween Candy That Starts With N

  1. Nerds Halloween: Mini boxes perfect for trick-or-treaters.
  2. Nestle Butterfinger Skulls: Spooky-shaped, crispy peanut butter candy.
  3. Nestle Coffin Crisp: A Halloween-themed, crispy chocolate bar.
  4. Now and Later Halloween Mix: Assorted, colorful, chewy candies.
  5. Nestle Crunch Boo: Halloween edition of the classic bar.

Chewy Candy That Starts With N

  1. Now and Later Classic: Long-lasting, chewy, fruit-flavored candy.
  2. Nutty Bars: Peanut butter wafers coated in chocolate.
  3. Nerds Gummy Clusters: Chewy gummy with Nerds candy pieces.
  4. Nestle Lion Bar: Chewy caramel, wafer, and chocolate treat.
  5. Nestle Munchies: Milk chocolate with a soft caramel center.

Candy Bars That Start With N

  1. Nestle KitKat: Crispy wafers enveloped in milk chocolate.
  2. Nestle Crunch Bar: A crispy rice and chocolate delight.
  3. Nestle Mirage: Milk chocolate bar with a bubbly center.
  4. Nutrament: Creamy, nougat-filled milk chocolate bar.
  5. Nut Bar: A crunchy, nut-filled, chocolate-coated delight.