Buzz Plural, What is the plural of Buzz?

Meaning of Buzz is

a low, continuous humming or murmuring sound.

Singular and Plural of Buzz

Singular Plural
Buzz Buzzes

Buzz as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The buzz of the bees filled the garden.
  2. The sudden buzz startled me.
  3. The buzz of excitement filled the air.
  4. The room was filled with the constant buzz of conversation.
  5. The buzz of the electric razor woke him up.
  6. The buzz of the fly annoyed me.
  7. The buzz of the crowd grew louder.
  8. I could hear the distant buzz of traffic.
  9. The buzz of anticipation was palpable.
  10. The bee’s buzz echoed in the garden.

Buzz as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The buzzes of the bees created a harmonious sound.
  2. The room was filled with multiple buzzes of conversation.
  3. The buzzes of excitement reverberated through the crowd.
  4. The swarm of bees created a deafening chorus of buzzes.
  5. The symphony of insect buzzes filled the air.
  6. The buzzes of activity were heard throughout the beehive.
  7. The hive was alive with the synchronized buzzes of bees.
  8. The constant buzzes of the flies were irritating.
  9. The different buzzes of insects added to the ambiance of the garden.
  10. The overlapping buzzes of conversation created a lively atmosphere.

Singular Possessive of Buzz

The singular possessive form of “Buzz” is “Buzz’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Buzz:

  1. The buzz’s sound filled the air on a summer day.
  2. The beekeeper admired the buzz’s harmonious rhythm.
  3. The curious child followed the buzz’s source with excitement.
  4. Buzz’s intensity grew louder as the swarm approached.
  5. The garden was alive with the sound of buzz’s pollination.
  6. The entomologist researched the origin of the buzz’s vibration.
  7. The campers listened to the buzz’s melody around the campfire.
  8. The morning greeted us with the cheerful buzz’s chorus.
  9. The flowers attracted bees with their sweet nectar and buzz’s allure.
  10. The writer found inspiration in the buzz’s constant energy.

Plural Possessive of Buzz

The plural possessive form of “Buzz” is “Buzzes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Buzz:

  1. The buzzes’ harmony created a symphony of nature.
  2. The beekeeper attended to the buzzes’ hives with care.
  3. The meadow was alive with the sound of bees’ buzzes’.
  4. The gardeners marveled at the diversity of the buzzes’ frequencies.
  5. Buzzes’ vibrations filled the air, signaling life in the flowers.
  6. The researchers studied the patterns of the buzzes’ communication.
  7. The picnic was interrupted by the persistent buzzes’ presence.
  8. The wildlife photographer captured the essence of the buzzes’ activity.
  9. The hive’s entrance buzzed with the bees’ buzzes’ anticipation.
  10. The park echoed with the joyful chorus of the buzzes’ dance.

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