Booty Plural, What is the plural of Booty?

Meaning of Booty is

valuable stolen goods, especially those seized in war.

Singular and Plural of Booty

Singular Plural
Booty Booties

Booty as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The pirate searched for hidden booty on the island.
  2. He discovered a chest filled with valuable booty.
  3. The treasure hunter was after ancient booty.
  4. The diver found sunken ship booty on the ocean floor.
  5. She dreamed of finding pirate booty buried in the sand.
  6. The thief escaped with stolen booty from the museum.
  7. The adventurer traded his discovered booty for supplies.
  8. The archaeologist uncovered ancient Egyptian booty.
  9. The pirates divided the captured booty among themselves.
  10. The museum displayed a collection of pirate booty.

Booty as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The pirates celebrated their successful raids with booties.
  2. They gathered all the stolen booties in a hidden cave.
  3. The thieves divided the stolen booties equally.
  4. The treasure hunters discovered hidden pirate booties.
  5. The bandits exchanged their stolen booties for cash.
  6. The burglars hid their stolen booties in a secret stash.
  7. The looters sold the stolen booties on the black market.
  8. The pirates boasted about their impressive collection of booties.
  9. The smugglers smuggled the illegal booties across the border.
  10. The thieves targeted houses with valuable booties.

Singular Possessive of Booty

The singular possessive form of “Booty” is “Booty’s.”

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Booty:

  1. The pirate claimed the treasure as Booty’s rightful owner.
  2. We marveled at the glittering jewels in Booty’s chest.
  3. The thief’s eyes gleamed with greed upon seeing Booty’s stash.
  4. The captain showcased Booty’s value to the crew.
  5. The adventurer’s heart raced upon discovering Booty’s location.
  6. We admired the craftsmanship of Booty’s ornate decorations.
  7. The explorer guarded Booty’s secret from others.
  8. The legend spoke of the curse attached to Booty’s possession.
  9. The museum displayed Booty’s artifacts for public viewing.
  10. The treasure hunter yearned for Booty’s discovery.

Plural Possessive of Booty

The plural possessive form of “Booty” is “Booties’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Booty:

  1. The pirates divided the Booties’ spoils equally.
  2. We marveled at the assortment of Booties’ gems.
  3. The thieves plotted ways to acquire the Booties’ riches.
  4. The captains admired the value of the Booties’ loot.
  5. The adventurers set sail in search of the Booties’ whereabouts.
  6. We appreciated the intricacy of the Booties’ engravings.
  7. The explorers protected the Booties’ secrets from rival crews.
  8. The legends told tales of the curses linked to the Booties’ possession.
  9. The museums showcased the Booties’ treasures to fascinated visitors.
  10. The treasure hunters dreamt of uncovering the hidden Booties’ hoard.

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