Hijab Plural, What is the plural of Hijab?

Meaning: a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women.

Plural of Hijab

Singular Plural
Hijab Hijabs

Hijab as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She wore a beautiful hijab with intricate patterns.
  2. The hijab protected her head from the sun.
  3. The woman’s hijab matched her stylish outfit.
  4. Her hijab was a symbol of her religious identity.
  5. The hijab is worn as a sign of modesty.
  6. She wrapped the hijab around her head carefully.
  7. The colorful hijab stood out in the crowd.
  8. She chose a light fabric for her hijab in the summer.
  9. The hijab covered her hair completely.
  10. The woman adjusted her hijab in front of the mirror.

Hijab as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The women wore different styles of hijabs.
  2. The hijabs were available in various colors.
  3. They discussed the significance of wearing hijabs.
  4. The store offered a wide selection of stylish hijabs.
  5. The hijabs were neatly displayed on the shelves.
  6. The women exchanged tips on how to style their hijabs.
  7. They attended a conference on the cultural importance of hijabs.
  8. The hijabs represented a range of different cultures.
  9. The designer introduced a new line of fashionable hijabs.
  10. The women took pride in their unique hijabs.

Singular Possessive of Hijab

The singular possessive form of “Hijab” is “Hijab’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hijab:

  1. I admired the color of Hijab’s fabric.
  2. The wind gently lifted Hijab’s veil.
  3. Hijab’s style varies between individuals.
  4. I complimented her on Hijab’s elegant design.
  5. Hijab’s purpose is personal modesty.
  6. The woman adjusted Hijab’s position.
  7. I noticed the intricate patterns on Hijab’s embroidery.
  8. Hijab’s presence reflected cultural identity.
  9. The fashion designer showcased different ways to wear Hijab’s.
  10. Hijab’s material can be lightweight or heavy.

Plural Possessive of Hijab

The plural possessive form of “Hijab” is “Hijabs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hijab:

  1. The store offers a wide range of Hijabs’ colors.
  2. The women gathered to discuss Hijabs’ fashion trends.
  3. The event celebrated the diversity of Hijabs’ styles.
  4. I noticed the variety of Hijabs’ patterns in the crowd.
  5. The website provides tutorials for different Hijabs’ wrapping techniques.
  6. The charity donated new Hijabs’ to those in need.
  7. The school allowed students to wear their Hijabs’ according to their preference.
  8. The photographs captured the beauty of the Hijabs’ materials.
  9. The fashion show highlighted the creativity of Hijabs’ designers.
  10. The magazine featured stories of influential women and their Hijabs’.

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