Tsunami Plural, What is the Plural of Tsunami?

Meaning: high sea wave caused by an earthquake

Singular and Plural of Tsunami

Singular Plural
tsunami tsunamis

 Tsunami as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The tsunami destroyed the coastal town.
  2. The impact of the tsunami was devastating.
  3. They lost everything in the massive tsunami.
  4. Survivors recounted their experiences during the tsunami.
  5. The government issued a warning about the approaching tsunami.
  6. The magnitude of the tsunami was unprecedented.
  7. The tsunami waves reached several meters in height.
  8. Many lives were lost in the deadly tsunami.
  9. The aftermath of the tsunami required extensive reconstruction.
  10. The tsunami warning system saved countless lives.

Tsunami as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Several tsunamis struck the region over the years.
  2. The coastal communities were prepared for potential tsunamis.
  3. The impact of the successive tsunamis was devastating.
  4. They evacuated the area due to multiple approaching tsunamis.
  5. The occurrence of multiple tsunamis was unusual.
  6. The warning system detected several incoming tsunamis.
  7. The region experienced a series of powerful tsunamis.
  8. The fishermen were aware of the dangers of offshore tsunamis.
  9. The survivors witnessed the destruction caused by the powerful tsunamis.
  10. The government implemented measures to mitigate the impact of future tsunamis.

Singular Possessive of Tsunami

The singular possessive form of “Tsunami” is “Tsunami’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tsunami:

  1. The devastation caused by the tsunami’s force was overwhelming.
  2. I witnessed the aftermath of the tsunami’s destructive power.
  3. The warning systems aimed to mitigate tsunami’s impact on coastal communities.
  4. The tsunami’s occurrence was triggered by an underwater earthquake.
  5. We analyzed the tsunami’s wave height and speed for accurate predictions.
  6. The researchers studied the tsunami’s long-term effects on the environment.
  7. The tsunami’s emergency response involved rapid evacuation and relief efforts.
  8. The tsunami’s magnitude determined the extent of the damage.
  9. The team evaluated the tsunami’s historical occurrences and patterns.
  10. We observed the tsunami’s devastation on the local economy and infrastructure.

Plural Possessive of Tsunami

The plural possessive form of “Tsunami” is “Tsunamis'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tsunami:

  1. The occurrences of different tsunamis’ were documented throughout history.
  2. We analyzed the patterns and frequencies of various tsunamis’.
  3. The researchers studied the impacts of multiple tsunamis’ on coastal regions.
  4. The tsunamis’ heights and distances traveled varied.
  5. The early detection systems aimed to provide timely warnings for incoming tsunamis’.
  6. We investigated the geological processes that generated different tsunamis’.
  7. The team evaluated the effectiveness of evacuation plans during different tsunamis’.
  8. The tsunamis’ energy dissipation influenced their destructive potential.
  9. The tsunamis’ impacts on marine ecosystems were significant.
  10. We observed variations in the preparedness and response measures for different tsunamis’.

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