Menu Plural, What is the Plural of Menu?

Meaning: list of dishes available in a restaurant

Singular and Plural of Menu

Singular Plural
menu menus

Menu as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Have you decided what to order from the menu?
  2. The menu includes a variety of vegetarian options.
  3. The restaurant changed its menu for the summer season.
  4. The waiter handed us the extensive menu.
  5. The chef created a special dish not listed on the menu.
  6. The menu offers a selection of international cuisines.
  7. The dessert section on the menu is tempting.
  8. The menu features both traditional and fusion dishes.
  9. The restaurant printed a new menu with updated prices.
  10. The customer requested a copy of the wine menu.

Menu as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The menus were beautifully designed and easy to read.
  2. The restaurant offers vegetarian options on its menus.
  3. The waitstaff handed out the printed menus to the guests.
  4. We discussed the dinner options listed on the menus.
  5. The menus were displayed on a chalkboard near the entrance.
  6. The chef is working on new additions to the seasonal menus.
  7. The guests were impressed by the variety of dishes on the menus.
  8. The online ordering platform allows customers to view digital menus.
  9. The café updated its breakfast and brunch menus.
  10. The manager collected the laminated menus at closing time.

Singular Possessive of Menu 

The singular possessive form of “Menu” is “Menu’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Menu:

  1. The restaurant displayed the daily specials on the menu’s cover.
  2. The chef’s signature dish was proudly featured on the menu’s page.
  3. The customer requested a modification to the menu’s vegetarian options.
  4. The server recommended the chef’s recommendation from the menu’s selection.
  5. The hostess handed out the menu’s to the waiting customers.
  6. The diner studied the menu’s descriptions to choose their meal.
  7. The food critic analyzed the menu’s offerings and made notes.
  8. The sommelier suggested wine pairings based on the menu’s dishes.
  9. The restaurant owner updated the menu’s prices for the new season.
  10. The waiter took note of the customer’s preferences from the menu’s orders.

Plural Possessive of Menu 

The plural possessive form of “Menu” is “Menus'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Menu:

  1. The restaurants’ menus’ covers showcased the chefs’ creativity.
  2. The cafes’ menus’ sections catered to various dietary preferences.
  3. The hotels’ menus’ options reflected the diverse tastes of guests.
  4. The resorts’ menus’ featured a selection of international cuisines.
  5. The diners’ menus’ included vegetarian and gluten-free choices.
  6. The bistros’ menus’ highlighted local ingredients and flavors.
  7. The bars’ menus’ offered a range of cocktails and appetizers.
  8. The caterers’ menus’ provided customizable options for events.
  9. The food trucks’ menus’ changed daily to offer fresh options.
  10. The airlines’ menus’ accommodated passengers’ dietary restrictions.

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