Alpaca Plural, What is the plural of Alpaca?

Alpaca Plural, What is the plural of Alpaca?

Here we will learn Singular and Plural of Alpaca, meaning of Alpaca, synonyms and example sentences of Alpaca. This basic lesson is very useful for kids and beginners. You will understand the Alpaca and their use in our daily routine conversational sentences.

Meaning of Alpaca

The meaning of Alpaca is a long-haired domesticated South American mammal related to the llama, valued for its wool.

Singular and Plural of Alpaca

The plural of Alpaca is Alpaca. Here are some example sentences and synonyms of Alpaca.

Singular Plural
Alpaca Alpaca


Synonyms of Alpaca

  • alopecia
  • UPC
  • apercu
  • alp
  • Alaska
  • algae
  • alpine
  • unpack


Use of Alpaca in Example Sentences

  • Condors, papas, maize, alpacas, alpacas, alpacas, alpacas, alpacas, alpacas, alpaca
  • I’ve eaten alpaca, as did the Incas.
  • He could raise alpacas, deer, and wild boar on his farm.
  • The alpaca is a unique South American animal.
  • This is a blend of alpaca and nylon.
  • According to the San Francisco-based charity, alpaca and sheep farmers have also gotten involved.