Waltz Plural, What is the Plural of Waltz?

Meaning of Waltz

The meaning of Waltz is a dance in triple time performed by a couple, who as a pair turn rhythmically round and round as they progress around the dance floor.

Singular and Plural of Waltz, Waltzes in English

Singular Plural
Waltz Waltzes

Synonyms of Waltz

  • a breeze
  • a piece of old tackie
  • a snap
  • bludge
  • breeze
  • cake
  • cake walk
  • cakewalk
  • cherry pie
  • chickenfeed
  • child’s play
  • cinch
  • cream puff
  • cruise
  • cushy job

Waltz as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I learned the waltz for the dance competition.
  2. The couple gracefully glided across the waltz
  3. He performed a beautiful and elegant waltz
  4. The ballroom was filled with couples dancing the waltz.
  5. She twirled and spun in the arms of her waltz
  6. The instructor taught us the basic steps of the waltz.
  7. They practiced the waltz tirelessly to perfect their routine.
  8. The music of the waltz filled the grand ballroom.
  9. The waltz is a popular dance at formal events.
  10. The couple won first place for their mesmerizing waltz

Waltz as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They danced multiple waltzes throughout the night.
  2. The waltzes at the ball were breathtakingly beautiful.
  3. The orchestra played a series of lively waltzes.
  4. The dancers gracefully moved from one waltz to another.
  5. She practiced several different waltzes for the competition.
  6. The event featured a variety of traditional and modern waltzes.
  7. They performed a medley of popular waltzes at the concert.
  8. The dance studio organized a showcase of different waltzes.
  9. The couple took lessons to learn different styles of waltzes.
  10. The band played a selection of classic and contemporary waltzes.

Singular Possessive of Waltz

The singular possessive form of “Waltz” is “Waltz’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Waltz:

  1. The dancers practiced the waltz’s intricate steps.
  2. The pianist played the waltz’s beautiful melody.
  3. The instructor demonstrated the waltz’s graceful movements.
  4. The couple performed the waltz’s choreography flawlessly.
  5. The composer’s name was associated with the waltz’s popularity.
  6. The violinist played the waltz’s hauntingly romantic tune.
  7. The dance floor was filled with couples enjoying the waltz’s rhythm.
  8. The dancers twirled elegantly to the waltz’s tempo.
  9. The ballroom was decorated with pictures of famous waltz’s.
  10. The instructor taught the class the proper technique for the waltz’s turns.

Plural Possessive of Waltz

The plural possessive form of “Waltz” is “Waltzes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Waltz:

  1. The dancers performed a series of waltzes’ throughout the evening.
  2. The orchestra played the waltzes’ melodies with precision.
  3. The ballroom was filled with the sound of the waltzes’ music.
  4. The dancers glided across the floor during the waltzes’ performance.
  5. The waltzes’ tempo gradually increased, energizing the dancers.
  6. The choreographer added a new twist to the waltzes’ routine.
  7. The audience applauded the dancers’ interpretation of the waltzes’ steps.
  8. The couples joined the line dance, following the waltzes’ pattern.
  9. The dancers showcased their skills in a competition of waltzes’.
  10. The dancers rehearsed the waltzes’ sequences until they were perfect.

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