Flash Plural, What is the Plural of Flash?

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Meaning of Flash

The meaning of Flash is shine in a bright but brief, sudden, or intermittent way.

Singular and Plural of Flash, Flashes in English

Singular Plural
Flash Flashes

Synonyms of Flash

  • bar
  • bat
  • beacon
  • beam
  • bedazzlement
  • blast
  • blaze
  • blink
  • blinking
  • bolt

Flash as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The camera captured a brilliant flash of light.
  2. A sudden flash of inspiration struck her.
  3. The thunderstorm was accompanied by bright flashes of lightning.
  4. The flash illuminated the room for a split second.
  5. She took a quick flash photograph of the landscape.
  6. The car’s headlights produced a powerful flash of light.
  7. A blinding flash momentarily blinded him.
  8. The fireworks display included colorful flashes in the sky.
  9. The photographer used a flash to brighten the scene.
  10. The sudden flash startled the sleeping cat.

Flash as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The storm was followed by multiple lightning flashes.
  2. The camera captured beautiful and vibrant flashes of color.
  3. The crowd gasped as the fireworks produced dazzling flashes.
  4. They witnessed several bright flashes in the night sky.
  5. The photographer experimented with different settings to capture the perfect flashes.
  6. The lightning storm produced continuous and powerful flashes.
  7. The old camera struggled to produce clear flashes.
  8. The night was filled with brilliant and sporadic flashes of light.
  9. The thunderstorm was accompanied by frequent and intense flashes.
  10. The fireworks show created mesmerizing flashes of color and light.

Singular Possessive of Flash

The singular possessive form of “Flash” is “Flash’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Flash:

  1. The photographer captured the subject in flash’s vibrant colors.
  2. The camera’s flash’s brightness temporarily blinded me.
  3. The superhero’s costume had the flash’s signature lightning bolt.
  4. The lightning storm illuminated the sky with flash’s brilliance.
  5. The journalist captured the moment with a quick flash’s snap.
  6. The flash’s intensity revealed the hidden details of the scene.
  7. The photographer adjusted the flash’s settings for optimal exposure.
  8. The detective relied on the flash’s ability to reveal hidden clues.
  9. The audience took pictures using their smartphones’ flash’s.
  10. The flash’s timing was synchronized with the camera’s shutter.

Plural Possessive of Flash

The plural possessive form of “Flash” is “Flashes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Flash:

  1. The photographers’ flashes’ lit up the red carpet event.
  2. The flashes’ brightness momentarily blinded the audience.
  3. The storm’s lightning flashes’ illuminated the dark sky.
  4. The paparazzi’s flashes’ captured the celebrity’s every move.
  5. The journalist’s camera had multiple flashes’ for different lighting conditions.
  6. The audience’s smartphones emitted bright flashes’ during the concert.
  7. The detectives analyzed the crime scene’s flashes’ for valuable evidence.
  8. The photographers synchronized their flashes’ to capture the perfect shot.
  9. The reporters’ cameras had built-in flashes’ for low-light situations.
  10. The fireworks’ colorful flashes’ painted the night sky.

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