Cheetah Plural, What is the Plural of Cheetah?

Meaning: a large slender spotted cat found in Africa and parts of Asia.

Plural of CHEETAH

Singular Plural
Cheetah Cheetahs

Synonyms of CHEETAH

  • bobcat
  • leopard
  • lion
  • caracal
  • cougar
  • jaguar

Cheetah as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The cheetah sprinted across the savannah with incredible speed.
  2. She marveled at the sleek and muscular body of the cheetah.
  3. The cheetah stealthily approached its unsuspecting prey.
  4. The cheetah camouflaged itself among the tall grass.
  5. The cheetah swiftly changed direction in pursuit of its target.
  6. The wildlife photographer captured a close-up of the cheetah.
  7. The cheetah basked under the scorching African sun.
  8. The cheetah‘s spotted coat blended with its surroundings.
  9. The cheetah‘s sharp claws aided in capturing its meal.
  10. The cheetah‘s agile movements were a testament to its hunting skills.

Cheetah as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The safari park housed several cheetahs in a spacious enclosure.
  2. The conservationists worked tirelessly to protect endangered cheetahs.
  3. The wildlife reserve was a sanctuary for rescued cheetahs.
  4. The cheetahs roamed freely in their natural habitat.
  5. The cheetahs‘ lightning-fast acceleration was a marvel to witness.
  6. The cheetahs napped lazily under the shade of a tree.
  7. The zookeepers closely monitored the behavior of the cheetahs.
  8. The cheetahs‘ sharp teeth were adapted for tearing flesh.
  9. The cheetahs exhibited grace and elegance as they moved.
  10. The cheetahs‘ distinctive black tear stripes enhanced their appearance.

Singular Possessive of Cheetah

The singular possessive form of “Cheetah” is “Cheetah’s.”

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cheetah:

  1. The agility of Cheetah’s movements fascinated us.
  2. I admire the beauty of Cheetah’s spotted fur.
  3. Cheetah’s speed is unmatched in the animal kingdom.
  4. The photographer captured a close-up of Cheetah’s eyes.
  5. We learned about Cheetah’s hunting techniques.
  6. Cheetah’s graceful stride amazed the onlookers.
  7. The researcher studied Cheetah’s behavior in the wild.
  8. The sanctuary aims to protect Cheetah’s natural habitat.
  9. I saw Cheetah’s pawprints on the dusty trail.
  10. The documentary explored Cheetah’s role in the ecosystem.

Plural Possessive of Cheetah

The plural possessive form of “Cheetah” is “Cheetahs’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cheetah:

  1. The conservationists monitored the cheetahs’ migration patterns.
  2. We observed the cheetahs’ hunting strategies from a distance.
  3. The documentary highlighted the cheetahs’ endangered status.
  4. Cheetahs’ agility makes them efficient predators.
  5. The researchers collected data on cheetahs’ territorial behaviors.
  6. We admired the grace of the cheetahs’ sleek bodies.
  7. The park provides a safe haven for cheetahs’ survival.
  8. Cheetahs’ roars echoed through the savannah.
  9. The guide shared interesting facts about cheetahs’ family structures.
  10. We captured a photo of the cheetahs’ powerful paws.

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