Box Plural, What is the Plural of Box?

Meaning of Box

The meaning of box is a container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.

Singular and Plural of Box, Boxes in English

Singular Plural
Box Boxes

Synonyms of Box

  • ark
  • bag
  • bale
  • barrel
  • basket
  • bier
  • bin
  • bucket
  • bundle
  • bunker
  • caddy
  • caisson
  • can
  • canister
  • canteen

Box as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She received a package in a small cardboard box.
  2. He placed his valuables in a lockable box.
  3. The delivery person left the box on the porch.
  4. She packed her belongings in a sturdy moving box.
  5. The jewelry was stored in an ornate velvet box.
  6. He opened the gift box with anticipation.
  7. The baker displayed freshly baked goods in the glass display box.
  8. The child used an empty cereal box to create a makeshift toy.
  9. The shoe store offered a wide selection of shoe boxes.
  10. The box contained a surprise that made her smile.

Box as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The movers unloaded the heavy boxes from the truck.
  2. They stacked the cardboard boxes neatly in the storage room.
  3. The shipment arrived in multiple boxes due to its size.
  4. The kids played with empty boxes, turning them into forts and castles.
  5. The warehouse was filled with rows of stacked boxes.
  6. They labeled each of the boxes for easy identification.
  7. The moving company provided packing materials such as boxes and bubble wrap.
  8. The store offered a discount on bulk purchases of shoe boxes.
  9. They donated old clothes and household items in boxes to the local charity.
  10. The delivery service collected the empty boxes for recycling.

Singular Possessive of Box

The singular possessive form of “Box” is “Box’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Box:

  1. I found the box’s lid on the floor.
  2. The box’s contents were carefully organized.
  3. Box’s color faded over time.
  4. The cat knocked over the box’s contents.
  5. I put my jewelry in the box’s velvet lining.
  6. The delivery person left the package at the box’s doorstep.
  7. The box’s corners were reinforced with tape.
  8. The label on the box’s side was torn.
  9. The movers accidentally dropped the box’s fragile items.
  10. The child peeked inside the box’s mysterious contents.

Plural Possessive of Box

The plural possessive form of “Box” is “Boxes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Box:

  1. The boxes’ lids were neatly stacked.
  2. I labeled all the boxes’ contents for easy identification.
  3. The boxes’ sizes varied from small to large.
  4. The movers loaded the boxes’ heavy items onto the truck.
  5. The boxes’ contents were fragile and needed careful handling.
  6. We stacked the boxes’ bottoms to create a stable foundation.
  7. The boxes’ weight was evenly distributed for balance.
  8. The boxes’ cardboard material was sturdy and durable.
  9. The delivery person dropped off the boxes’ packages at the front door.
  10. We secured the boxes’ openings with packing tape to prevent spills.

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