Royal Plural, What is the Plural of Royal?

Meaning: having the status of a king

Singular and Plural of Royal

Singular Plural
royal royals

Royal as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The king is a symbol of royal power and authority.
  2. She dreamt of marrying into a royal family.
  3. The palace is the residence of the royal family.
  4. The queen represented the royal lineage for generations.
  5. He aspired to become a royal advisor.
  6. The royal portrait adorned the gallery’s walls.
  7. The royal banquet was a grand celebration.
  8. The knight served the royal court with unwavering loyalty.
  9. The royal guard protected the castle’s entrance.
  10. The royal decree announced the new laws.

Royal as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The royals attended the coronation ceremony.
  2. The royals greeted their loyal subjects during the parade.
  3. The royals visited the war veterans in the hospital.
  4. The public admired the elegance and grace of the royals.
  5. The press covered the activities of the royals extensively.
  6. The royals traveled abroad to foster diplomatic relations.
  7. The royals hosted a charity event to raise funds for the less fortunate.
  8. The royals presided over official ceremonies and functions.
  9. The royals carried out their duties with dignity and poise.
  10. The royals‘ portraits were displayed in the museum.

Singular Possessive of Royal 

The singular possessive form of “Royal” is “Royal’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Royal:

  1. The queen announced Royal’s engagement to the nation.
  2. The historian researched Royal’s lineage and family history.
  3. The architect designed Royal’s new palace.
  4. The jeweler created a custom crown for Royal’s coronation.
  5. The photographer captured Royal’s portrait for the official portrait gallery.
  6. The tailor tailored Royal’s clothing to fit perfectly.
  7. The butler ensured Royal’s every request was met.
  8. The historian documented Royal’s accomplishments in a biography.
  9. The chef prepared a banquet for Royal’s visit.
  10. The diplomat negotiated a treaty on Royal’s behalf.

Plural Possessive of Royal 

The plural possessive form of “Royal” is “Royals'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Royal:

  1. The ceremony was attended by several Royals’ from different countries.
  2. The designer created custom gowns for the Royals’ at the gala.
  3. The security team ensured the safety of the Royals’ during their visit.
  4. The media captured photos of the Royals’ arrival at the airport.
  5. The historian studied the genealogy of the European Royals’.
  6. The entourage accompanied the Royals’ on their official tour.
  7. The staff prepared a banquet for the visiting Royals’.
  8. The etiquette expert advised on proper protocol when hosting Royals’.
  9. The historian wrote a book on the influence of the Royals’ throughout history.
  10. The journalist reported on the activities of the Royals’ during their visit.

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