Wife Plural, What is the Plural of Wife?

Meaning of Wife

The meaning of Wife is a married woman considered in relation to her spouse.

Singular and Plural of Wife, Wives in English

Singular Plural
Wife Wives

Synonyms of Wife

  • bride
  • companion
  • mate
  • monogamist
  • other half
  • better half
  • partner
  • roommate
  • spouse
  • consort
  • helpmate

Wife as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. His wife surprised him with a thoughtful birthday gift.
  2. She is a loving and supportive wife.
  3. The wife prepared a delicious home-cooked meal for her husband.
  4. He celebrated his anniversary with his beloved wife.
  5. The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner date to celebrate their wife‘s promotion.
  6. The husband cherished the moments spent with his wife.
  7. She shared her dreams and aspirations with her wife.
  8. The wife provided emotional comfort during difficult times.
  9. The newlywed couple started their life together as husband and wife.
  10. They exchanged heartfelt vows and became husband and wife.

Wife as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The husbands supported their wives in pursuing their dreams.
  2. The event celebrated the achievements and contributions of outstanding wives.
  3. They organized a surprise party for their best friends’ milestone anniversary as wives.
  4. The book highlighted the stories of inspiring and influential wives.
  5. The conference aimed to empower and educate career-oriented wives.
  6. They formed a close-knit community of supportive military wives.
  7. The wives of the sports team organized a fundraising event for a charitable cause.
  8. The retreat offered workshops and discussions for pastors’ wives.
  9. The group of wives formed a book club to share their love for literature.
  10. The organization provided resources and support for single wives.

Singular Possessive of Wife:

The singular possessive form of ” Wife” is ” Wife’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Wife:

  1. My wife’s smile brightened my day.
  2. The ring on her finger symbolized my wife’s love.
  3. The chef prepared a special dinner for my wife’s birthday.
  4. I admired my wife’s strength during difficult times.
  5. The note expressed my wife’s affectionate words.
  6. My wife’s presence brought joy to our home.
  7. The photographer captured my wife’s beauty in the picture.
  8. The necklace was a gift for my wife’s anniversary.
  9. My wife’s success inspired me to work harder.
  10. The poem I wrote expressed my love for my wife’s soul.

Plural Possessive of Wife:

The plural possessive form of ” Wife” is ” Wives’”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Wife:

  1. The sisters adored their wives’ kindness.
  2. The husbands surprised their wives’ with romantic gestures.
  3. The couples celebrated their wives’ achievements together.
  4. The families gathered to honor their wives’ dedication.
  5. The photos captured the wives’ radiant smiles.
  6. The gifts were tokens of appreciation for their wives’ support.
  7. The stories shared highlighted the wives’ unique qualities.
  8. The husbands cherished their wives’ unwavering love.
  9. The friends celebrated the wives’ milestones in life.
  10. The husbands admired their wives’ strength and resilience.

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