Lives Plural, What is the Plural of Lives?

Meaning: growth, activity

Singular and Plural of Lives

Singular Plural
lives lives

Live as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The concert was an unforgettable live experience.
  2. I’m attending a live performance of my favorite band.
  3. She enjoys watching live sports events.
  4. The theater offers live shows every weekend.
  5. I want to be part of the live audience for the TV show.
  6. The comedian’s live act had everyone laughing.
  7. The stadium was packed for the live football match.
  8. I prefer watching live theater over recorded performances.
  9. The singer’s live vocals were impressive.
  10. The jazz club features live music every night.

Live as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They attended multiple live concerts last month.
  2. We’ve seen many live performances by famous artists.
  3. The festival showcased various live bands.
  4. The radio station broadcasts live concerts on weekends.
  5. They collect recordings of rare live performances.
  6. The venue hosts regular live music sessions.
  7. The fans eagerly awaited the live shows of their favorite band.
  8. The theater organizes live plays and musicals.
  9. The band released a CD featuring their best live recordings.
  10. They watched several live sports events during their vacation.

Singular Possessive of Live 

The singular possessive form of “Live” is “Live’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Live:

  1. Live’s performance captivated the audience.
  2. We admired Live’s determination and dedication.
  3. Live’s voice resonated through the concert hall.
  4. The success of the event was largely due to Live’s efforts.
  5. The responsibility lies on Live’s shoulders.
  6. I couldn’t take my eyes off Live’s mesmerizing dance moves.
  7. Live’s ideas sparked a new wave of creativity.
  8. The highlight of the show was Live’s incredible guitar solo.
  9. Everyone eagerly awaited Live’s next album release.
  10. The critics praised Live’s unique artistic style.

Plural Possessive of Live 

The plural possessive form of “Live” is “Lives'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Live:

  1. The band members’ dedication is evident in Lives’ performances.
  2. We were fortunate to witness Lives’ extraordinary talent.
  3. The fans eagerly awaited Lives’ new tour announcement.
  4. The success of the concert relied on Lives’ harmonious collaboration.
  5. The judges were impressed by Lives’ exceptional musical abilities.
  6. Lives’ commitment to their craft is truly inspiring.
  7. The bandmates’ friendship strengthened Lives’ bond on stage.
  8. The crowd sang along to Lives’ popular songs.
  9. The audience applauded Lives’ energetic and dynamic show.
  10. The album showcased Lives’ diverse musical influences.

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