Vertex Plural, What is the Plural of Vertex?

Meaning: the highest point; the top.

Plural of Vertex


Vertex as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The mountain peak stood tall at the vertex of the range.
  2. The hiker reached the vertex and enjoyed the breathtaking view.
  3. The climber faced challenges on the way to the vertex.
  4. The vertex of the triangle was marked with a dot.
  5. The mathematician calculated the coordinates of the vertex.
  6. The drone captured aerial footage of the mountain vertex.
  7. The artist painted a vivid picture of the mountain vertex.
  8. The adventurer documented his journey to the vertex.
  9. The vertex was covered in snow throughout the year.
  10. The landscape was dominated by the majestic vertex.

Vertex as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The climbers reached the summits of multiple vertices.
  2. The vertices of the triangles were connected to form a shape.
  3. The mathematician analyzed the coordinates of the graph’s vertices.
  4. The aerial photographs captured the breathtaking vertices of the mountains.
  5. The artist’s painting depicted the vibrant colors of the natural vertices.
  6. The hikers admired the panoramic views from various vertices.
  7. The map highlighted the locations of significant geographical vertices.
  8. The explorer documented his discoveries at different vertices of the region.
  9. The landscape was characterized by the diversity of its vertices.
  10. The drone footage showcased the stunning beauty of the mountain vertices.

Singular Possessive of Vertex

The singular possessive form of “Vertex” is “Vertex’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Vertex:

  1. The mathematician explored Vertex’s coordinates in the graph.
  2. I calculated Vertex’s height from the base.
  3. Please mark Vertex’s position on the map.
  4. The researcher analyzed Vertex’s significance in the data.
  5. She explained Vertex’s role in geometry.
  6. They discussed Vertex’s impact on the overall shape.
  7. The scientist studied Vertex’s connections to adjacent points.
  8. We examined Vertex’s properties and characteristics.
  9. The architect designed Vertex’s structure with precision.
  10. The student labeled Vertex’s coordinates in the equation.

Plural Possessive of Vertex

The plural possessive form of “Vertex” is “Vertices'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Vertex:

  1. The mathematicians explored Vertices’ coordinates in the graph.
  2. They calculated Vertices’ heights from the bases.
  3. Please mark Vertices’ positions on the map.
  4. The researchers analyzed Vertices’ significance in the data.
  5. They explained Vertices’ roles in geometry.
  6. Experts discussed Vertices’ impact on the overall shapes.
  7. The scientists studied Vertices’ connections to adjacent points.
  8. We examined Vertices’ properties and characteristics.
  9. Architects designed Vertices’ structures with precision.
  10. Students labeled Vertices’ coordinates in the equations.

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