Standby Plural, What is the Plural of Standby?

Meaning: readiness for duty

Plural of Standby

Singular Plural
standby standbys

Synonyms of Standby

  • reserve
  • replacement
  • relief
  • fill in
  • double
  • deputy
  • backup
  • assistant

Standby as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I put my flight ticket on standby.
  2. The airline offered standby seats for last-minute travelers.
  3. The flight attendant announced a standby passenger’s name.
  4. The traveler patiently waited for standby
  5. The standby line formed outside the gate.
  6. The ticket agent informed me that I was on standby.
  7. The airline policy allowed employees to travel on standby.
  8. The couple decided to take a chance and fly standby.
  9. The announcement called for standby passengers to board.
  10. The traveler hoped to secure a standby seat on an earlier flight.

Standby as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The standbys were informed of their boarding status.
  2. The airline cleared the standbys for the available seats.
  3. The gate agent announced the number of remaining standbys.
  4. The standbys anxiously waited for their names to be called.
  5. The airline prioritized boarding for standbys with connecting flights.
  6. The standbys eagerly anticipated their chance to board.
  7. The flight attendant addressed the questions of the standbys.
  8. The last-minute cancelation opened up opportunities for the standbys.
  9. The airline offered compensation for standbys who didn’t make it on the flight.
  10. The standbys were advised to check for alternative travel options.

Singular Possessive of Standby

The singular possessive form of “Standby” is “Standby’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Standby:

  1. The standby’s availability is subject to change.
  2. We appreciated the standby’s prompt response in our time of need.
  3. The airline informed the passengers about the standby’s boarding process.
  4. The technician examined the standby’s functionality and performance.
  5. The standby’s purpose is to provide backup support.
  6. The operator switched to the standby’s system during maintenance.
  7. The IT department monitored the standby’s status to ensure reliability.
  8. The power outage prompted the use of the standby’s generator.
  9. The company relied on the standby’s expertise for emergency situations.
  10. The standby’s backup batteries lasted for several hours.

Plural Possessive of Standby

The plural possessive form of “Standby” is “Standbys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Standby:

  1. The standbys’ availability depends on their rotation schedule.
  2. The technicians checked the functionality of the standbys’.
  3. The airline assigned the standbys’ to flights with unexpected delays.
  4. The company invested in maintaining the reliability of the standbys’.
  5. The engineers conducted regular inspections of the standbys’ equipment.
  6. The standbys’ purpose is to ensure uninterrupted service.
  7. The backup generators served as the standbys’ power source.
  8. The IT team monitored the status of the standbys’ systems.
  9. The company trained a dedicated team to handle the standbys’ operations.
  10. The maintenance crew conducted routine tests on the standbys’ functionality.

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