Vagina Plural, What is the Plural of Vagina?

Meaning: front bottom organ of women

Plural of Vagina

Singular Plural
vagina vaginas

Vagina as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patient’s vagina during the pelvic exam.
  2. The vagina is a part of the female reproductive system.
  3. The nurse provided information on maintaining vaginal health.
  4. The gynecologist discussed the changes that occur in the vagina during puberty.
  5. The sexual health educator explained the importance of consent in vaginal
  6. The medical textbook described the structure and functions of the vagina.
  7. The researcher investigated the effects of hormonal changes on the vagina.
  8. The lubrication in the vagina facilitates comfortable sexual activity.
  9. The contraceptive gel is applied inside the vagina before intercourse.
  10. The infection caused inflammation and itching in the vagina.

Vagina as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor examined the patients’ vaginas for signs of infection.
  2. The anatomical diagrams displayed the structures of female vaginas.
  3. The researchers conducted a study on the sexual experiences of women with multiple vaginas.
  4. The medical students learned about the diversity of vaginas in their anatomy class.
  5. The doctor provided guidance on maintaining healthy vaginas.
  6. The workshop aimed to educate women about the different types of vaginas.
  7. The artist created a sculpture inspired by the beauty of vaginas.
  8. The researchers interviewed women about their experiences with their vaginas.
  9. The survey asked participants about their perceptions of their own vaginas.
  10. The support group provided a safe space for women to discuss their concerns about their vaginas.

Singular Possessive of Vagina

The singular possessive form of “Vagina” is “Vagina’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Vagina:

  1. The cat licked Vagina’s fur.
  2. I admired Vagina’s beautiful artwork.
  3. Please respect Vagina’s personal space.
  4. The doctor examined Vagina’s health condition.
  5. She took pride in Vagina’s accomplishments.
  6. They marveled at Vagina’s intricate design.
  7. The book highlighted Vagina’s struggles and triumphs.
  8. We gathered at Vagina’s cozy home.
  9. The journalist interviewed Vagina’s spokesperson.
  10. The museum displayed Vagina’s ancient artifacts.

Plural Possessive of Vagina

The plural possessive form of “Vagina” is “Vaginas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Vagina:

  1. The cats licked Vaginas’ fur.
  2. I admired Vaginas’ beautiful artworks.
  3. Please respect Vaginas’ personal spaces.
  4. The doctors examined Vaginas’ health conditions.
  5. They took pride in Vaginas’ accomplishments.
  6. Visitors marveled at Vaginas’ intricate designs.
  7. The books highlighted Vaginas’ struggles and triumphs.
  8. We gathered at Vaginas’ cozy homes.
  9. The journalists interviewed Vaginas’ spokespersons.
  10. The museums displayed Vaginas’ ancient artifacts.

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