Piranha Plural, What is the Plural of Piranha?

Meaning: a very dangerous fish

Singular and Plural of Piranha

Singular Plural
piranha piranhas

Piranha as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fierce piranha glided swiftly through the water.
  2. He carefully observed the sharp teeth of the piranha.
  3. The biologist studied the behavior of the Amazon piranha.
  4. The aquarium had a tank dedicated to showcasing the piranha.
  5. She watched as the piranha swam in a synchronized pattern.
  6. The documentary captured the hunting instincts of the piranha.
  7. The swimmer cautiously entered the river, aware of the lurking piranha.
  8. The fisherman marveled at the size of the giant piranha he caught.
  9. The guide warned against swimming in waters infested with piranha.
  10. The underwater camera captured close-up shots of the aggressive piranha.

Piranha as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The river was teeming with schools of hungry piranha.
  2. The divers encountered a group of aggressive piranha.
  3. They observed the feeding frenzy of the hungry piranha.
  4. The fishermen caught a net full of darting piranha.
  5. The locals knew the best spots for fishing piranha.
  6. The travelers heard stories about the deadly piranha in the river.
  7. The scientists studied the ecological role of the Amazonian piranha.
  8. The tour guide explained the different species of piranha in the area.
  9. The native tribes had techniques for catching piranha for food.
  10. The documentary showcased the diversity of piranha in the region.

Singular Possessive of Piranha

The singular possessive form of “Piranha” is “Piranha’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Piranha:

  1. I studied Piranha’s sharp teeth and powerful jaws.
  2. The aquarium had a tank dedicated to Piranha’s.
  3. Piranha’s aggressive nature made it a feared predator.
  4. The researcher studied Piranha’s hunting behavior.
  5. I watched as Piranha’s swiftly moved through the water.
  6. The book described Piranha’s habitat and feeding habits.
  7. Piranha’s red eyes gave them an eerie appearance.
  8. The fisherman caught a glimpse of Piranha’s in the river.
  9. The scientist studied Piranha’s adaptation to their environment.
  10. The documentary explored the life cycle of Piranha’s.

Plural Possessive of Piranha

The plural possessive form of “Piranha” is “Piranhas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Piranha:

  1. The Amazon River is known for its fierce Piranhas’.
  2. The divers cautiously approached the group of Piranhas’.
  3. Piranhas’ sharp teeth were a formidable defense mechanism.
  4. The fishermen told stories of their encounters with Piranhas’.
  5. I observed the feeding frenzy of the hungry Piranhas’.
  6. The documentary showcased the behavior of the Amazonian Piranhas’.
  7. The researchers studied the migration patterns of Piranhas’.
  8. The aquarium housed a variety of species, including different types of Piranhas’.
  9. The warning signs were posted to alert swimmers of the presence of Piranhas’.
  10. The locals shared legends and myths about the mythical Piranhas’.

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