Goddess Plural, What is the plural of Goddess?

Meaning: a female deity.

Singular and Plural of Goddess

Singular Plural
Goddess Goddesses

Goddess as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The goddess smiled upon her faithful followers.
  2. The goddess bestowed her blessings upon the land.
  3. The goddess listened to the prayers of her devotees.
  4. The beauty of the goddess was unparalleled.
  5. People traveled from afar to worship the goddess.
  6. The temple was built in honor of the goddess.
  7. Legends spoke of the power of the ancient goddess.
  8. The goddess was known for her wisdom and grace.
  9. The villagers offered sacrifices to the goddess.
  10. The goddess was revered as the protector of the realm.

Goddess as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The goddesses ruled over different aspects of nature.
  2. The ancient civilization worshipped multiple goddesses.
  3. The festival celebrated the diversity of the goddesses.
  4. The myths and legends depicted powerful goddesses.
  5. The priestesses served the various goddesses with devotion.
  6. Offerings were made to appease the wrath of the angry goddesses.
  7. The statues of the goddesses adorned the sacred temple.
  8. The tales spoke of the fierce battles between rival goddesses.
  9. The worshippers sought the blessings of the benevolent goddesses.
  10. The rituals were performed in honor of the ancient goddesses.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Goddess:

  1. The devotee offered flowers at Goddess’s altar.
  2. Goddess’s beauty is celebrated in mythology.
  3. The worshipper chanted prayers to seek Goddess’s blessings.
  4. We admired the grace and power of Goddess’s presence.
  5. The sculptor created a masterpiece depicting Goddess’s form.
  6. Goddess’s wisdom guides our spiritual journey.
  7. The rituals honored Goddess’s divine qualities.
  8. The historian studied the influence of Goddess’s worship in ancient cultures.
  9. We felt a deep connection to Goddess’s nurturing energy.
  10. Goddess’s symbols represent different aspects of femininity.

Plural Possessive of Goddess

The plural possessive form of “Goddess” is “Goddesses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Goddess:

  1. The pantheon included multiple Goddesses’ from various cultures.
  2. The myths narrate the stories of different Goddesses’.
  3. The worshippers gathered to celebrate the festival of Goddesses’.
  4. We studied the archetypes represented by the Goddesses’.
  5. The priestesses invoked the blessings of multiple Goddesses’.
  6. The artists depicted the strength and beauty of the Goddesses’ in their paintings.
  7. The historians researched the historical significance of various Goddesses’.
  8. We honored the divine qualities of the Goddesses’ in our rituals.
  9. The devotees adorned themselves with jewelry representing different Goddesses’.
  10. The anthropologists studied the cultural roles of the Goddesses’.

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