Up Plural, What is the Plural of Up?

Meaning: rise, lift, top, etc.

Plural of Up

The Plural of Up is Ups.


 Up as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The kite flew high up in the sky.
  2. The mountain climber reached the up of the peak.
  3. The balloon floated up into the air.
  4. The elevator took us up to the 10th floor.
  5. The bird perched on a branch up the tree.
  6. The hiker struggled to climb the steep up.
  7. The price of gasoline went up at the pump.
  8. The child held his hand up to be helped.
  9. The ladder was placed against the up of the wall.
  10. The basketball player made a lay up

Up as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The balloons filled the room with colorful ups.
  2. The cheerleaders performed impressive ups during the game.
  3. The acrobat executed multiple somersault ups.
  4. The fireworks lit up the sky with dazzling ups.
  5. The gymnast achieved perfect scores in her bar ups.
  6. The clown created amusing balloon animal ups.
  7. The dancers rehearsed their energetic jump ups.
  8. The magician pulled out rabbits from his hat in quick ups.
  9. The athletes practiced their high jump ups.
  10. The skaters showcased their graceful spin ups.

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