Crux Plural, What is the Plural of Crux?

Meaning: the decisive or most important point at issue.

Plural of CRUX



  • core
  • body
  • heart
  • essence
  • gist
  • nub

Crux as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The crux of the matter was the missing evidence.
  2. He reached the crux of the complex mathematical problem.
  3. The crux of the argument was the conflicting witness statements.
  4. She focused on the crux of the issue during her presentation.
  5. The detective investigated the crux of the crime scene.
  6. He highlighted the crux of the novel in his book review.
  7. The crux of the negotiation was the price.
  8. She identified the crux of the problem and proposed a solution.
  9. The crux of the theory lies in the experimental data.
  10. He addressed the crux of the matter in his closing statement.

Crux as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The detectives analyzed the cruxes of multiple crime scenes.
  2. They studied the cruxes of different mathematical concepts.
  3. The researchers explored the cruxes of various scientific theories.
  4. The analysts identified the key cruxes of the market trends.
  5. The scholars debated the intellectual cruxes of the philosophical texts.
  6. They delved into the fundamental cruxes of human psychology.
  7. The team focused on the main cruxes of the research project.
  8. The critics discussed the artistic cruxes of the film.
  9. The engineers resolved the technical cruxes of the construction project.
  10. They addressed the essential cruxes of the business strategy.

Singular Possessive of Crux

The singular possessive form of “Crux” is “Crux’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Crux

  1. The solution lies within the crux’s core.
  2. The detective focused on the crux’s key piece of evidence.
  3. We delved into the heart of the crux’s matter.
  4. The speaker emphasized the importance of the crux’s message.
  5. The writer crafted the crux’s climax with skill.
  6. The team identified the source of the crux’s problem.
  7. The leader’s decision was based on the crux’s significance.
  8. The lawyer presented the argument’s crux’s main point.
  9. The philosopher contemplated the crux’s existential nature.
  10. The artist depicted the crux’s essence in their painting.

Plural Possessive of Crux

The plural possessive form of “Crux” is “Cruxes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Crux

  1. The experts explored the mysteries of the cruxes’ origins.
  2. The researchers analyzed the cruxes’ complex relationships.
  3. The team discussed the implications of the cruxes’ findings.
  4. We studied the patterns in the cruxes’ behavior.
  5. The scholars debated the significance of the cruxes’ theories.
  6. The scientists examined the cruxes’ intricate structures.
  7. The leaders pondered the impact of the cruxes’ decisions.
  8. The historians uncovered the cruxes’ historical context.
  9. The developers focused on improving the cruxes’ functionalities.
  10. The society recognized the cruxes’ role in shaping history.

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