Horse Plural, What is the plural of Horse?

Meaning: a large plant-eating domesticated mammal.

Plural of Horse

Singular Plural
Horse Horses

Horse as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The rider mounted the majestic horse and set off.
  2. The veterinarian examined the injured leg of the race horse.
  3. The equestrian won a gold medal for her performance on the horse.
  4. The rancher took care of the aging horse on his farm.
  5. The jockey steered the horse toward the finish line.
  6. The children enjoyed their pony ride at the petting zoo on a small horse.
  7. The horseback rider trained tirelessly to compete in the showjumping horse.
  8. The black horse galloped gracefully across the meadow.
  9. The knight rode into battle on a powerful war horse.
  10. The cowboy skillfully tamed the wild horse.

Horse as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The stable housed several beautiful horses.
  2. The riders saddled up their horses and embarked on the trail.
  3. The ranch had a herd of wild horses roaming freely.
  4. The equestrians cared for their show horses with great dedication.
  5. The cowboys rounded up the stray horses on the open range.
  6. The children delighted in feeding and grooming the friendly horses.
  7. The jockeys competed against each other on their fast-paced race horses.
  8. The team of veterinarians provided medical care to injured horses.
  9. The riders participated in a thrilling rodeo with bucking broncos and agile horses.
  10. The cavalry proudly paraded their well-trained and disciplined horses.

Singular Possessive of Horse:

The singular possessive form of “Horse” is “Horse’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Horse:

  1. The rider took care of the Horse’s grooming and feeding.
  2. The jockey held onto the Horse’s reins tightly during the race.
  3. The trainer monitored the Horse’s health and fitness.
  4. The veterinarian examined the Horse’s leg for any injuries.
  5. The cowboy admired the beauty of the Horse’s strong physique.
  6. The equestrian rode the Horse’s back with grace and skill.
  7. The owner was proud of the Horse’s achievements in competitions.
  8. The stable provided a comfortable shelter for the Horse’s.
  9. The rider praised the Horse’s speed and agility.
  10. The farmer relied on the Horse’s strength for plowing the fields.

Plural Possessive of Horse:

The plural possessive form of “Horse” is “Horses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Horse:

  1. The equestrians admired the beauty of the Arabian Horses’.
  2. The ranchers took pride in their quarter Horses’ lineage.
  3. The trainers evaluated the race Horses’ performances during practice.
  4. The stables housed several thoroughbred Horses’.
  5. The equestrian center showcased various breeds of Horses’.
  6. The riders competed with each other using their trained Horses’.
  7. The farm displayed the champion Horses’ trophies and ribbons.
  8. The equestrian community gathered to celebrate the Horses’ achievements.
  9. The jockeys competed fiercely to win the Horses’ races.
  10. The horse show featured different disciplines of Horses’.

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